Solar System Shift: FACTS (Video)

solar winds

Solar System Shift: FACTS Video – Suspicious Observers

The Solar System is Changing, Most of it More-So Than Earth is Changing. The Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune All Show Considerable Changes in Climate

Part 4 – Data Selection Matters

Part 3 – Climate Coupling
140 Years of Space Weather; the most important deliveries of energy show up as decreases in solar energy in the climate models. That subtracted amount, plus any real effects of that energy, are automatically attributed to humans. That’s 1 improper reduction of solar forcing, and 2 improper additions to human forcing. First, the false reduction in forcing shown by TSI must be accounted for – it gets blamed on man. Second, the actual effects of the increased energy must be accounted for – it goes to man again. That is a fact.

[Part 1 is better-explained in Part 3, no need to watch]

Part 2 – Who the Heck are You?

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