‘Was He High?’ Pakistan PM Roasted for Saying Jesus ‘Had No Mention in History’

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan came under fire on social media after making a comment about Jesus Christ that many people claimed was disparaging to Christians.

“Moses got some mention, but Jesus Christ has no mention in history,” Khan claimed, as quoted by the daily Pakistan Today, when addressing an Islamabad conference organised this week to celebrate Mawlid, the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The clip from his speech went viral, prompting a number of critics to accuse the PM of “ignorance.”

Others wasted no time questioning the Prime Minister’s qualification for the post.

However, a bunch of Twitterati leapt to Khan’s defence, claiming that the life of Jesus wasn’t well recorded, compared with plenty of historical evidence of Muhammad’s existence.

Another Khan advocate claimed that the clip lacked context.

There also were tong-in-cheek speculation that Khan’s religious revelation had something to do with the political reality.

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