Gargantuan Orwellian Censorship On An Industrial Scale Shows How Deeply Down The Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen

Gargantuan Orwellian Censorship On An Industrial Scale Shows How Deeply Down The Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

– 51% Of ‘Strong Liberals’ Think It’s OK To Use Violence To Silence Those They Disagree With

With 2018 rapidly coming to a close and one of the top censored stories of the year being the online censorship of not only Conservatives and the independent media but the anti-war left as well, we’d like to begin this story by giving a huge thank you to everybody who has helped ANP remain in this war for the future of America. By reading and sharing our stories and via your incredibly timely donations, you’ve helped us to continue this truly existential battle for America’s future for another year. And despite all of the problems our nation is going through, we as Americans truly have so much to be thankful for. Thank you all.

And while many on both the left and the right complain about the country we live in and the direction we’re headed for many legitimate (and illegitimate) reasons, ANP still being here in November of 2018 going into 2019 is absolute proof that ‘freedom of the press‘ is still alive in America, despite what CNN and the totally controlled mainstream media would like us to believe.

As we’ve mentioned here before, Susan and I and all of our contributors have the freedom to write whatever stories we want. We’re not dictated to stay away from topics such as false flag terrorism, the heavy corruption within the ‘deep state’ and the Democratic party and we’re happy to tackle ‘keep your distance‘ topics such as weather modification, the fall of America into globalism, MK-ultra controlled ‘deep state’ shooters and any other topic that interests us.

Yet as we’ve seen throughout 2018, horrific censorship of the independent media and Conservatives online by ‘big tech’ and out in the streets by groups such as antifa is being used in attempt to push a totalitarian agenda upon America. A direction that should America finally reach, we may never be able to return from.


As Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this story over at the Gatestone Institute titled “Big Tech Snuffing Free Speech: Google’s Poisonous ‘Dragonfly'”, “First they censor the truth tellers, then they kill them! Note the disappearance and murder of investigative journalists that are increasing worldwide?!” As we had reported on ANP back in August, another investigative journalist who had been going after the #ClintonCrimeFamily had recently suffered a mysterious death, something that seems to follow the Clinton’s where ever they go. And if they can’t kill us, they just do their best to silence us.

Just as Susan Duclos reported on ANP on November 15th, youtube’s decision to censor videographer Lisa Haven, labeling her video titled “Martial Law Dead Ahead? 72 Beliefs Targeted In Official Govt Documents – The Endgame’s Here” as ‘inapropriate‘ or ‘offensive‘ followed by months the silencing of Alex Jones by big tech earlier in the year, proving Susan’s August 6th story titled “First They Came For Infowars….Tomorrow We Will All Be Alex Jones” right on the money.

And while the mainstream media and the Democratic party will never admit that the completely Orwellian censorship that we’ve been witnessing has been well coordinated, when we look deeply enough we can see that all of this is much more than just ‘censorship’ but designed to permanently deliver America into the globalists hands. And while some think globalism the ‘answer‘ to America’s problems, who benefits from the destruction of the 1st Amendment in America? Certainly not every day, law abiding Americans.

As Tim Brown over at the Washington Standard reported back on November 8th, according to official court documents filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, google believes that free speech‘ is disastrous for society. Claiming in their filing that: “If they are bound by the same First Amendment rules that apply to the government, YouTube and other service providers would lose much of their ability to protect their users against offensive or objectionable content — including pornography, hate speech, personal attacks, and terrorist propaganda”, Brown then pointed out why google’s argument is a bunch of hogwash.:

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