Explosive: Olly Robbins, Theresa May, and the deposing of David Cameron

Explosive: Olly Robbins, Theresa May, and the deposing of David Cameron from Before It’s News

Building more evidence to support the contention that Britain has undergone a Silent Coup, The Slog examines the background to the Robbins/May relationship, their links to the security services, the blatantly sudden removal of David Cameron, and the recruitment of supine media owners to the process of lying about the realities of sabotaging Brexit.

The profoundly smug face to your left is that of Olly Robbins, the man with sole control over the UK/EU departure accord. You may not be aware of this, but Mr Robbins (apart from being the standard-issue Oxbridge moron) became a card-carrying EU federalist at the remarkably tender age of 19.  At Oxford, Robbins was president of the Oxford Reform Club, a group promoting a federal European Union.

That was in 1995. Six years before the euro came into existence, this man was a passionate advocate of Europe’s nations ceding sovereignty to a centrally organised EU bloc.

And there is more:

  1. In 2010, he became Deputy National Security Advisor responsible for Intelligence, Security and Resilience. In this role, Robbins negotiated with The Guardian on how to curtail its reporting of material leaked by Edward Snowden relating to the operations of the CIA and GCHQ.
  2. In 2015, he began working directly with Theresa May as Home Secretary, when he became Second Permanent secretary there.
  3. While fulfilling this role, he was ordered to leave a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee after he was deemed to have given “unsatisfactory” answers about budgets, and to instead provide answers outside the hearing later the same day, which he did not do.
  4. In September 2017, Robbins moved from the Brexit department to become Prime Minister Theresa May’s personal Brexit advisor.

It’s important that everyone reading the above biopic fully understands the nature of this man. He is an EU federalist zealot, a security services censor, and an insolent élite functionary who readily misleads and ignores the democratic process.

The euphemisms ‘National Security Advisor’ and ‘Second Secretary’ are terms very familiar to anyone with even the most superficial knowledge of the intelligence services: Olly Robbins is a spook, a spy, and a man dedicated to the aims of a power beyond Britain.

His relationship with Theresa May goes back at least three years. He became May’s personal advisor on Brexit fourteen months ago.

Can anyone explain to me please why, following a referendum decision to leave the European Union, the man chosen for central control over the exit negotiations was a confirmed priest of the diametrically opposed political ideology?

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