Do Witches Outnumber Presbyterians In America?


Do Witches Outnumber Presbyterians In America? by: Off The Grid News

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Witches are one of America’s fastest-growing religious groups. In fact, some observers think that witches could now outnumber Presbyterians in America.

Notably, there could be as many as 1.316 million witches or practitioners of Wicca and similar faiths in America. Pew Research also estimates that around 0.4% of Americans practice witchcraft or Wicca.

Meanwhile, the Census Bureau currently estimates the U.S. population at 329.025 million people. So, our figure of 1.316 million American witches simply comes from taking 0.4% of this 329.025 million.

Witches Are One Of America’s Fastest-Growing Faiths

Given these circumstances, witches are one of America’s fastest-growing faiths.

Trinity College researchers estimate that there were 8,000 American witches in 1990 and 340,000 witches in 2008, Quartz reports. To clarify, both Trinity and Pew categorize Wiccans as witches.

However, it is impossible to determine precisely how many witches there are in the United States. The Census Bureau does not collect data on religion because of the First Amendment.

Do Witches Really Outnumber Presbyterians?

On the other hand, witches could outnumber members of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), radio host Carmen LaBerge asserts.

“There may now be more Americans who identify as practicing witches, 1.5 million, than there are members of mainline Presbyterianism (PCUSA) 1.4 million,” LaBerge tweets. Significantly, LaBerge’s estimate is even larger than Pew’s calculation.

In detail, the PCUSA reports having 1.415 million members in 2017. Moreover, the PCUSA admits its membership is declining rapidly. The PCUSA admits losing 43% of its members between 1996 and 2016. Specifically, the PCUSA still had 2.63 million members in 1996.

Witches Do Not Outnumber Presbyterians… Yet

Notwithstanding, witches do not quite outnumber Presbyterians even if LaBerge’s estimate of their numbers is correct.

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