Cold Remedies List – Do These Really Work?

Cold Remedies List – Do These Really Work? by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

TDC Note – Essential oils, like oregano and lavender work quiet well and preventive medicines like garlic, turmeric and ginger help keep ones immune system healthy and strong as to fight off bacteria and virus’. If these are part of everyday life, well, one may need a lot less of the OTC dope.


“A common cold lasts about a week but if you drink some warm chicken broth and take the over the counter medications it will only last seven days.”

All joking aside, if you search, there are lots of so called cold remedies.

Some are “over the counter” pharmaceutical remedies. Others are vitamins and supplements. Still others are “home remedies”.

Do they work? Maybe… Let’s hear what works for you!

In the mean time, here’s a list to ponder:


Vitamin C is apparently one of the most effective natural cold remedies. Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells. It can also help prevent the multiplication of viruses while reducing mucus and inflammation in nasal passageways.

Airborne Citrus Chewable Tablets, Vitamin C

Honey has been used as a common cold fighter for years. Honey may be effective in shortening the duration of a cold.

Rose Hip Tea is full of vitamin C and can help prevent the common cold.

Elderberry syrup.

Nature’s Way Original Sambucus Elderberry Syrup

Lemons, Oranges, Apple Cider. They are all considered to be cold remedies.

Fresh Ginger Root.

Onion? Historically, the layers of the onion were believed to draw contagious diseases from the patient; onions were often hung in sickrooms. Today, we know that onions have antibacterial qualities.

Garlic. Cut up fresh garlic cloves and add them to chicken soup or other foods, or swallow small chunks of raw garlic like pills.

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