State Knife Laws

State Knife Laws by MD Creekmore

TDC Note – We have seen what happens when so-called “representatives” get together for the “sake of the children”; they tend to ruin everything in their path. Guns laws are written to make criminals of law abiding citizens, children playing unattended in their neighborhood is grounds from CPS to remove the child from the family. The list is endless as to what a group of sociopaths can dream up to “manage” our lives.

Be sure and follow the current knife laws in your state and if you don’t agree with them, make a stand and do the right thing to change the laws. If we don’t begin taking back our country the invaders coming from the south will be happy to take over. Let’s not forget the socialist democrats – a.k.a. communist – will be happy open the border and completely erase the United States of America. Look no further than Germany, the U.K. and Sweden to see how that’s worked out for them.


I’ve been working diligently for weeks on producing pages with up to date knife laws for every U.S. State – below are the ones that I have so far.

I will try to keep these up to date for each new year when new laws are enacted, however, keep in mind that I’m not your lawyer.

Well, I’m not even a lawyer at all, so before relying on this information also consult with a real lawyer or at least do detailed research into the knife laws for your state.

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