What Are The 5 Most Reliable Handguns in The World?

What Are The 5 Most Reliable Handguns in The World? by M.D. Creekmore – Concealed Carry Today

I love writing best or and most reliable handgun articles like this, because these types of articles always bring readers out of their silence because everyone who knows anything about guns (and some that don’t) have an opinion about what “the best and most reliable handguns” are and they will argue and defend their beliefs relentlessly.

So this article should get plenty of comments and ideas that will, hopefully, help others make the best choices when purchasing reliable handguns for concealed carry, home defense, and outdoor activities.

But, before we go farther I’d like to point out that even though this article is titled “Most Reliable Handguns in The World” I’m not saying that you need all five handguns. No, of the five handguns listed here a combination of three is all that you really need… unless you’re like me and just love handguns.

For example, the Glock Model 19, Glock Model 43, and Browning Buckmark or the maybe the Smith and Wesson MP 9 Pro, Smith and Wesson MP .22, and the Glock Model 43. With either combination of three handguns you have a full-sized (or mid-sized as with the Glock 19) handgun, a smaller handgun for deep concealed carry that uses the same caliber ammo as your main handgun and a .22 for practice and small game hunting… if you’re a good enough shot.

Also, keep in mind that there are a huge number of handgun manufactures and handgun models and many are well-made and very reliable.

I’m not saying that these five handguns are the only reliable handguns made, however, I’ve owned a lot of different handguns over the years and these are the ones that I have found to be extremely reliable and are my current personal favorites.

I’ve also avoided including only full-sized centerfire handguns and instead tried to cover several different sizes and calibers to cover all areas of handgun use for the reader including concealed carry, home defense, and outdoor activities.  

Okay, with that out-of-the-way let’s get started with my top five handguns.

1. Glock Model 19


The Glock model 19 is one of my all-time favorite handguns and is a top choice for everyday concealed carry and home defense. The Glock 19 is really a mid-sized handgun but with the magazine capacity of a full-sized handgun, offering a full 15 round magazine capacity plus one in the chamber.

When I carry my Glock 19 I do so with a full 15 rounds in the magazine plus a round in the chamber for a total of sixteen rounds. I also keep an extra 32 round Glock factory magazine in my truck and another in the nightstand beside my bed… just in case. The Glock 19 is my top choice for anyone looking for a mid to full-sized handgun and it has my top recommendation as an ultra reliable handgun.

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