We Have to Hyper-Inflate or Hyper-Deflate: Tom Luongo

We Have to Hyper-Inflate or Hyper-Deflate: Tom Luongo: Tom Luongo by Rory – The Daily Coin

We recently sat down with Tom Luongo, Gold, Goats and Guns, to discuss the midterm elections and the implications of the outcome. We recorded the conversation on Wednesday November 12, when we all thought the election results would be well known. Here we are more than a week later and several issues remain in a multitude of states. Voter fraud is the latest weapon of choice the democrats are using on mass.

At the end of the conversation with Tom I changed gears to dive a little deeper and take full advantage of having someone as well spoken and knowledgable as Tom. What you are about hear is the that conversation.

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We get rid of control of the “wire”. The “wire” being a metaphor for the transmission networks of information. That’s what they’re desperately trying to hold on to.

The definition of the “wire” constantly changes but the “wire” is the important part. That’s what the Russians and the Chinese understand. They are trying to wrest control of the “wire” from the United States.

Not to take it from them to institute their own version, just that they can run their countries and their economies their way, without as much fear of intervention. Their should be competition for control of the “wire” OR there should be no competition because nobody owns it. Tom Luongo ~The Daily Coin

The direction we headed was down the path of dollar demise. The Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar is morphing and will no longer be the world reserve currency. This is no longer a theory but an inevitable fact; it is merely a question of time. We at The Daily Coin have been predicting somewhere around 2025 – 2030 timeframe. If the sanction game being played by the U.S. and U.K. continues the timeframe will be spot on. If the sanctions change and become more relaxed, for whatever reason, we believe the timeframe will be stretched out a bit. It seems that Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics, believes somewhere around 2032 everything is going to change which is in line with our way of thinking.

Tom agrees, to a point, with Martin Armstrong’s timeline, but notes there is a missing element to Armstrong’s theory.

One of the things Martin Armstrong is missing in all of this discussion of where we’re headed is that we’re reaching a peak of consumer insovereignty. Where the consumer has no sovereignty and that producers have been biased in the market place for money. Everybody’s worried if producer prices drop then they won’t produce and supply chains will collapse, futures markets will collapse–No, no. While at the same time you ruined all the savers. So, you feed from all the savers to continue to prop up the banks and the producers. Who were all caught naked out over a malinvested cliff building a bridge to nowhere. Tom Luongo ~The Daily Coin

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