ISIS paid fighters with gold & silver for taking down aircraft and launching chemical attacks

ISIS paid fighters with gold & silver for taking down aircraft and launching chemical attacks from RT

TDC Note – With documentation supporting the fact that ISIS is a CIA funded, trained and armed organization is this somehow another attempt to demonize gold and silver? We know, based on documentation, the CIA loves using these useful idiots for any number of crimes against humanity, why would be so far fetched for the CIA to use them to push the narrative that gold and silver should be outlawed because they are tools of terrorist? This is not new, this narrative was being pushed pretty hard a couple of years ago. Is this front-running for the coming rise in gold and silver?


ISIS jihadists were paid well for their service, documents belonging to the terrorist group, and obtained by RT in Iraq, reveal. Use of chemical agents was paid-for in silver, while taking down a chopper was rewarded with gold.

Despite the common belief that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters were often forced to join the terrorist group or were recruited based on the conviction of their faith to carry out jihad, documents from the Iraqi city of Mosul and seen by RT show that fighting for the self-proclaimed caliphate also had its financial incentives.

Joining the ranks of the well-organized terror network, which once proclaimed a self-styled caliphate on the territory of Syria and Iraq, was only possible through a letter of recommendation, where the new recruit was carefully evaluated based on his military and sharia training.

Once in, the recruits remained under the meticulous watch of IS commanders, who kept tabs on their deployments, munition, supplies and eventual death. Those who served in the army of terror loyally and faithfully were rewarded – or were at least promised a reward. For instance, those who managed to take down an aircraft were promised a car. To destroy an enemy helicopter or drone earned at least seven gold dinars, according to the accounting records seen by RT Arabic.

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