Tennessee restricts use of Monsanto pesticide as problems spread

Tennessee restricts use of Monsanto pesticide as problems spread by  – Health Nut News

On Thursday, the state of Tennessee imposed restrictions on the use of dicamba, one of Monsanto’s dangerous weed killers, becoming the fourth state to do so. Farmers have been complaining about dicamba for a while since it drifts “…damaging vulnerable soybeans, cotton and other crops across the southern United States. Farmers have fought with neighbors over lost crops and brought lawsuits against dicamba producers.”1

Last week Arkansas banned its use and Missouri has followed Tennessee, putting tight restrictions on when and in what weather, dicamba can be sprayed. Kansas is investigating complaints about dicamba.

“Monsanto, which said it has spent years working to make dicamba stickier and limit drift when it is sprayed, is campaigning to overturn the bans. It blames early-adoption headaches similar to wind drift and cross-contaminated farm equipment problems the company faced when it launched its popular Roundup Ready glyphosate-resistant crops two decades ago.”2

Instead, Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer, blamed farmers saying many of the issues are caused by farmers who don’t follow application labels, use contaminated equipment, or have purchased older formulations of dicamba that are cheaper but more prone to drift.

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