Too Big to Jail Banks Crime Spree Continues

Too Big to Jail Banks Crime Spree Continues by Rory – The Daily Coin

This article is inspired by a data breach that occurred at HSBC. and for some reason it reminded me of all the crimes, including JPMorgan’s late crime, that have been conducted over the years since 2009.

We have reported, endlessly, on the financial crimes against humanity committed by the too big to jail banks, specifically, HSBC, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo (Fraud-O) since the 2009 Greater Depression began. The Federal Reserve, the enabler, has assisted with these crimes by funneling billions of funds into the accounts of these banks.

The list of financial crimes committed by these three banks is staggering. LIBOR manipulation, FOREX manipulation, precious metals market manipulation, mortgage securities fraud, funding terrorist organizations, drug money laundering and these are just the crimes in which fines have been levied against these mafia style organizations. Not one executive has been imprisoned, not one executive has been stripped of their wealth created by these crimes. Think about that the next time you pay taxes or pay a fee to a bank.

In one corner you have Wells Fraud-O continually creating millions of fake accounts to transfer funds around along with mortgage fraud. Not one executive, not one mid level manager and barely even a low level employee has been investigated or arrested and imprisoned for these crimes. The Department of InJustice has found it to be more convenient to simply “fine” the bank (which shows no guilt) and allow their crime spree to continue. The fines levied against Wells Fraud-O are equivalent to a few days profits and the fines are passed along to the customers through increased fees so the bank never suffers any kind of lose. Pretty good deal for the bank.

Then you have JP Morgan, who we just reported as having been found guilty, again, of market manipulation. JPMorgan’s latest crime, precious metals markets manipulation. The real meat-of-the-matter in this story is the fact the low level manager that was caught, ratted on his supervisors and senior traders. This is important as it shows the upper management, the people the low level trader reports to, had knowledge of these crimes. This would lead one to believe the entire culture is nothing more than a crime syndicate with upper levels managers being involved and, at the very least, knowledgable of these crimes being committed.

Let’s not forget that JP Morgan has been found guilty of rigging the LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Overnight Rate) market. This market directly impacts every interest bearing loan on planet earth. If you have a car loan, a mortgage, student loan, credit card, bank loan, HELOC or any interest bearing loan generated through a bank or “payday loan shark” organization, well, it effects you and your wealth.

What about JP Morgan and drug money laundering. Yep, they do that as well. What about rigging the bitcoin market? You guessed it, guilty again. I could go on, but I hope this paints an accurate picture of this crime syndicate. This is a criminal operation any way you look at it. All these financial crimes directly impact individuals around the world. Individuals wealth is being transferred from their humble accounts to the coffers of JPMorgan/Chases’ executive level, through bonus’ and stock purchases.

And as a side note, JP Morgan paid a $9 billion fine to keep a whistleblower story under wraps. How’s that for justice? Kinda gives you the warm and fuzzies, ay?

Remember, these are just skimming the surface of the crime spree committed by these banks. There could be plenty of unreported crimes that are happening right now. I’m not saying there are crimes being committed, just saying it is a possibility.

This brings us to HSBC, the mac-daddy of financial crimes against humanity. The list of crimes this organization continually commits is entirely too long to detail so here is a good sampling.

HSBC has been fined for:

funding terrorist

drug money laundering

LIBOR market manipulation

FOREX market manipulaiton

mortgage fraud

general fraud – so criminal they just have to be found guilty of something

What else can be said, other than, we can only hope the Executive Order (EO) President Trump signed is put to good use against these criminal organizations. The general consensus is Executive Order 13818Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption – was signed with Obama and Clinton in mind, but it could very easily be used against the too big to jail crime syndicates called banks.

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