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Eric Sprott: Sprott Weekly Update 110918 (Podcast)

Eric Sprott: Sprott Weekly Update 110918 Podcast – Sprott Money

The market rallied this week on… gridlock? As the United States welcomes divided government, Eric Sprott joins us again for another wide-ranging discussion about the week in precious metals.

Tune in to this edition of the Wrap-Up to find out:

• The real meaning of the U.S. midterms

• Which bank’s ex-VP is charged with precious metals “spoofing”

• Plus: Drama in Venezuela

“You don’t want anyone to think anything’s bad, you know? You don’t want them to think gridlock’s bad. So you run the market up. And we all forget about it, and we move on to the next issue. Whatever that’s going to be. And there’s a lot of issues out there. The trade issue hasn’t gone away… There should be lots in the news to have people concerned about things.”

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