State’s Rights vs Federalism

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I don’t want civil war (CW). I’m no expert on what CW2 would look like. It won’t look like CW1 with a fairly clean bifurcation of states. It could be as ugly as Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Civil war is ugly, filled with death, hardship, and loss.

Civil War 2 is Coming

In CW2, I will suffer greatly. My family will suffer greatly, and the values and beliefs that I hold will suffer greatly. Have no illusions, we will all lose in this war. But it is still coming.

Why do I believe this? Civil wars is coming because I’m not willing to submit to the suffocating cultural marxism (PC culture) that has dropped all pretense of “diversity and tolerance” and replaced it with a holy war to suppress heretical ideas. I am a heretic, and I represent millions.

Not Going To Apologize

I am a Christian. I will not apologize ever for my Christian ancestors, for a rejection of homosexuality, for the idea that the Ten Commandments should be put back up on the school walls in America, nor the idea that each nation/race/blood line ought naturally to have a home country. I am not going to apologize for that, not ever.

Wars at Home

Neither should Japan, China, Russia, Israel, Mexico, the Palestinians, nor the vast majority of non-European nations ever apologize for seeking the best interest of their nation, which is a word that comes from the same root word as natal or birth. Ironically, most European states (including the U.S.) seem to think the mixing of cultures is somehow a noble thing. It is not. Instead of wars overseas, it leads to wars at home if not completely checked by absolute tyranny. Ancient Persia, Rome, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia under Tito are examples for this. And now we’ve joined that club.

On the other side, my opponents on the Left are not going to apologize for calling folks like me “little hitlers” that ought to be exterminated. To allow me to exist and to allow my ideas to be shared would be a denial of their own faith and values. So, where to we go from here?

A Union of States

In my opinion, there is a best case scenario. Each state ought to reconstitute itself as a sovereign state.

The United States used to be a Union. In CW1, Lincoln, by force, eliminated the ability of states to have a diversity of options in how they ought to live. Before CW1, southern states “opted out” of federal law in ways not dissimilar to sanctuary states and cities that reject federal immigration and drug laws or, like California, actively seek to make agreements for foreign sovereign states (which is forbidden in our current Constitution of 1789). Many states, such as Washington State, may consider dividing (as Virginia did, ceding West Virginia) in order to more closely support the interests of their people.

Let’s Go Our Own Way

Yes, this is a right leaning perspective. (I used to be a Conservative and I used to be a Libertarian. But I don’t know what those things mean any more.) I’m completely okay with California pursing its own Left wing agenda, nothwithstanding they will either end up like Venezuela or Mexico. I’m okay with another country embracing drugs, unlimited immigration, unlimited welfare, and socialism. I’m not so parochial that I would impose my beliefs on that. The fact is, we have become separate already. Let’s recognize it and go our own way.

Will the Left allow this? Or is the Left more like Lincoln in the demand for complete uniformity and submission to “the one right way of thinking?”

An Alternative Future with States Supreme

In an alternative future, federal law would be deprecated and state laws would become supreme for each state. (It used to be this way!) The scale of federal activities would be trimmed immensely. Health insurance would be a state matter, as would education, welfare, farm subsidies, roads, community programs, and a thousand other federal projects, including NASA, foreign wars, USAID, and the budget for the UN. States may even prefer to create their own money supply. The bottom line is that each state would have the ability to choose which federal laws to follow and not follow. Is this workable?

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