How To Pack Heat With Absolutely No One Knowing

How To Pack Heat With Absolutely No One Knowing by: Travis P – Off the Grid News

If you ever have carried a handgun bigger than an LCP, you know that concealing is its own challenge.

A small handgun like the LCP or Diamond Back DB9 is a compromise, often sacrificing power, accuracy, controllability and capacity for carry comfort. While a mouse gun may be better than nothing, it’s still only just a little better than a sharp stick.

Proper holsters, belts and clothing can make carrying a large weapon easier, and even more comfortable. Accessing the weapon, though, isn’t always optimum, but that’s where the style of clothes come into play. They enhance not only accessibility, but also comfort.

With the rise in popularity of concealed carry it only makes sense that more companies would come forward to fill a niche with holsters, guns and now clothes. These clothes are designed especially for concealed carriers. This is a welcome change from buying a gun to fit around your clothing; now you can fit your gun around your clothing.

Winter Wear

Winter has always been the time to carry a big gun. The jackets and sweatshirts have always made it just a little easier to conceal a weapon. Concealing is easy, but as soon as you start adding layers of thick clothing, your draw quickly becomes slow and difficult. So the fact is, baggy clothes mean easy concealment, but difficult draw. Hoodies tend to snag and catch, and jackets can do the same.

1. Under Armour Soas Storm Hoodie

The biggest issue with concealing a weapon is the concealed part. Sure, no one can see the gun, but do you look like you are carrying? The biggest assumption about concealed carry clothes is their tactical appearance. Under Armour is an extremely popular brand.

They started in the sport clothing business and have slowly expanded into the tactical market. This was spurred because of the number of military personnel who loved their clothing. This hoodie is a combination of both the sports and tactical sides of the company.

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