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Dr. Sue Arrigo
Dr. Sue Arrigo, MD (photo taken from James Rink’s video Super Soldier Talk – Sue M – Illuminati Monarch and Holistic Healer – March 21, 2013 located here:–E0). This is the only photo of Dr. Arrigo I’ve ever found, but it does seem to match the one on her twitter page at (GBA)

Part I

This is the story of how the CIA uses “war zones” to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia.

Some background on this topic can be found at Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won’t Go Away

Please see the Rep. Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings video.

In these cases, they were importing and trafficking in Russian and East bloc women as sex slaves.

I want to talk about the children that are native to any war zone. The CIA did this across Africa, and anywhere they went as a standard part of their operations.

The names of the front companies will change over time. I am writing this down from memory after being inside the CIA for decades. Some of the details may be off, but the gist of the material will be correct.


The economics of a child being sold into sexual slavery are such that it is very lucrative.

A child in the sex slave business has a useful expected lifetime of two years. They fail to thrive in that setting. They die of disease, neglect, abuse and giving up.

The kids are killed if they are seriously hurt, refuse to work, or become too jaded to attract customers. They are almost never freed by their owners because they could talk. It is a dead end occupation usually.

No one takes a child like that to an ER because the sexual abuse might come to light. They are expendable goods that the owners don’t expect to last anyway. If they are boys, they might grow up to be a pimp. Some children run away, but they are often re-captured by other pimps. If they come from another country, they have no papers and poor language skills. If they are picked up by the police, they are detained for months to years and deported, often back to the same war zone.

Some were child soldiers or child spies before being forced into sexual slavery. Even without that, they have disabling Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome intentionally inflicted in them in order to disable them and keep them from being able to run away successfully.


If they are transported to a place like New York City, the owner can make about US$50 per hour for about 10 hours a day, roughly US$500 a day or $3,000 a week, which is $150,000 a year.

The kid’s food costs next to nothing. The owner has to house them. The rent and clothes, etc. are less than $10,000 depending on the location. It is still $140,000 profit per year, or about $300,000 for the expected life span of the child.

The going price for brothel owners to buy a kid on an auction block in New York City and D.C. is between $500 dollars for a sick kid to $50,000 for a choice virgin who is blond and blue eyed and speaks English.

The average price for a kid from a war zone is about US$2,000. Then there is about a $10,000 cost to get into the auction at all.

(Note: I have attended a number of these. I used to have a hobby of figuring out how to shut the auction houses down. It is a dangerous hobby. People practicing it are flirting with death. Hopefully, they are good spies or operatives before they try it. For training good spies, it is an intiation practice; like the American Indian practice of slapping a grizzly bear. )

The CIA runs the kids in and sells them in large lots like by the ship full or several hundred on a trainload to the auctioners. In that regard it is like the CIA drug running, the CIA only does the big stuff.

If you mess with them at that level they order a hit on you without thinking twice. If one interfers with the next level down, after they sold the kids already, they are not so uptight about it — it may not be their financial loss.

Gathering the “harvest” of orphans in war zones

The CIA and its corporate bosses like the Rockefellers and Bushs make about 1,000 USD per kid from a war zone if they sell them to auctioners. Of that 1,000, the CIA will get about 300, and about 700 will go to the corporate bosses. For drugs the split is more like 15 USD per 100 in profit going to the CIA. There is much more money to be made when the bosses keep the kids in their own hands. So the best kids are skimmed off the top and never make it to the auction houses. Kids are skimmed off either because of looks or smarts. A smart kid, like I was, can be a life long asset and make an owner a lot more money. About 1 -2 percent of kids are tried that way, as spies or corporate slaves. About 5 percent of the kids are skimmed off by the bosses for looks. The best of these end up as a house boy or girl of a politician that the boss wants to keep happy and controlled. They will also be spying on the politician for the boss. In that position some of these kids make it into adulthood.


“Presidential Models” who get trained by the CIA are in that category. Brice Taylor is an example of that (See her books [on the sidebar]).

She says that 3,000 women got made into Presidental Sex Slaves per the figure she heard. They are mind control victims.

See Dr. Colin Ross’s book “Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists” which he wrote after having patients like this and reading 15,000 pages of CIA documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Their minds were split using torture at an early age. Mine was split at age 3 to 4. One or more of the parts is often very psychic. There are however much better ways to make accurate psychics without trauma.

Presidential Models often have been trained by the CIA in special ESP skills like having a photographic memory. Other special CIA spy ESP skills they may have been programmed to have include the ability to speak “in tongues” i.e. in any language, the ability to see and hear at a distance, as in clairvoyance and clariaudience) A/K/A remote viewing, shapeshifting, and forecasting the future, including stock prices, etc.

The CIA needed these skills in spies. Shamans had the skills and the CIA did the R&D to get them. (See John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit ManConfessions of an Economic Hit Man” and “Shapeshifting” books.)


The bosses own their own high class call services that make lots of money off of servicing their friendly business men.

(See Washington Post Expose ex-Sen. DeCamp video/writes of FEDERAL OCCULT PEDOPHILIC DRUG/PORN RITUAL MURDERING ELITE)

This is sometimes associated with an escort type of service allowing children to grow up as well by being charming. But that is really difficult as most of the children are too hardened and jaded after a year or two to carry that off.

In the highest class settings, the bosses make up to a million dollars a day for the slave’s service. That sounds unbelievable but it is a function of how rich the buyers of the services are and what the skills of a good stock price forecaster are worth to them for a day.

See Hilter’s Psychic for a historical example of stock price forecasting.

An Arab sheik wanting to please the President to put through an oil deal will think nothing of spending the million to have a girl the President has slept with; it is sort of a status and male bonding thing.


Presidential models made in CIA mind control fashion, beautiful girls and boys who were charming spies without advanced ESP skills, usually fetched $10,000-30,000 a day for their bosses when used at White House functions.

The girls would be at the White House dinner and the men would indicate their preferences by talking to them and showing an obvious interest in them.

Either the man was rich enough not to care about the cost until he received the bill later or he was politely informed of the price by having it listed on the bottom of a card placed next to his drink on a silver or gold tray.

It was up to “the Butler” to know which category the man was in in terms of his wealth and personal preferences.

I usually came into dinner on the arm of the DCI and sat next to him through much of the evening so that he could have me answer his questions as a remote viewer of known accuracy in that personality.

It was up to him if I was to be surrendered to another man for the evening as it affected national security.

Consider for a moment the usual White House dinner. They range in size from 5 women to about 50 women slaves on a given night.

At an average profit of $20,000 per night, 5 nets $100,000 and 50 nets $1 million. Not all nights does that happen.

But roughly the President personally makes a good $30-100 million a year just on the Presidential model sex slaves. That starts to tell you about the conflict of interest in stopping this corrupt system. It has been going on a long time, since about President Kennedy.

President Carter is the only exception to the rule that I know of. Since I personally was forced into the beds of

Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson


Nelson Rockefeller
Nelson Rockefeller

VP Nelson Rockefeller,

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan


George Herbert Walker Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush

Bush Sr.,

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton


George Walker Bush
George Walker Bush

and Bush Jr.

this is not theoretical for me.

However, because I was really a Director of Central Intelligence Model primarily, I ended up mainly in the beds of DCIs from Helms (left) to Tenet (right).

DCI Richard M. Helms
DCI Richard M. Helms
DCI George Tenet
DCI George Tenet

The $100,000-a-month club to ensure one’s political success through blackmail.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the babies coming out of war zones because I strayed too far into the American children in talking about the escorts for foreign and domestic dignataries.

Women are raped in war and often abandon the babies at birth. The CIA helps fund orphanges in the war zones so that it can skim off the kids it wants. The children under 2 usually are too neglected to survive – failure to thrive syndrome.

The cute ones are bought up by the CIA for the cabal bosses and sold as part of the $100,000 a month club.

Rich people like fine wines to show up monthly and this is a variation of that. They are signed up for it almost automatically without any choice in the matter if they attend certain high class estate ceremonies around the world hosted by people like the Rockefellers.

Getting in the door means that you can’t get out it again when the ceremony starts unless you are a very good spy. The ceremony will involve the human sacrifice of some person – often a toddler or young virgin.

After that initiation in the fine art of human sacrifice the guest is expected to carry on that tradition of entrapping others just the same way. Failure to do so is associated with death and blackmail threats. Death can be the result of “accidents.”

Few people are sophisicated enough to know not to get into one of these traps or how to get out of them. They have families and they cave in to the pressure. It then perpetuates itself. They get a baby a month to ritually kill and entrap all the politicians and police chiefs that might try to stop their rise to fame.


They go on practicing Christianity by mouth by day, and satanism by night in their deeds. Some of them are mind controlled by the trauma and drugs at the initial ceremony and do not even know later that they are satanists. Others do know.

I would say that about 20 percent are fully aware that what they are doing is evil and wrong and just don’t know how to stop it. About 50 know what they are doing but deny that it is evil.

They excuse it as their right to be pagan and uninhibited. Then about 10 percent are full multiples and are clueless during the day as to what is happening at night.

Then about another 20 percent are too lazy and apathic to think about what they are doing. They are just doing it because others do it.


Let’s get down to some of the details, where an investigator could start to hit pay dirt, namely Yugoslavia, which had many abandoned babies, many of them light skinned.

Breakup of Yugoslavia
Breakup of Yugoslavia

The CIA founded three major orphanages including one of UNESCO’s. The Rockefellers funded four orphanages. There was overlap at one of them which caused some problems. The CIA “talent scouts” came by a week after Rockefeller’s did and that made the nuns suspicious.

In each case, the nuns were told that the scouts were working for large adoption agencies in the US and the kids were to be quickly processed in a large lot for adoption.

The local orphanages in Yugoslavia were absolutely swamped. There were tons of babies and large numbers of war orphans, the latter mainly the result of US bombs killing their parents. Some had been dug out of the rubble days later. Many of these kids were extremely traumatized already.

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