Indictments Coming Soon @ Justice! (Video)

Indictments Coming Soon @ Justice! Video – Bill Still

But it’s probably a good thing, because I’ve always said that I never write a hopeless message, yet if I had written a report yesterday, it wouldn’t exactly have been a hopeful one.

Fortunately, I couldn’t put one up anyway and that was a good thing because in retrospect, 24 hours later, my outlook is entirely different – especially after the announcement of Michael Whitaker, former US Attorney for Iowa, as the new acting attorney general – a man who has said in the past that he would prosecute Hillary Clinton for her numerous felonious violations of laws dealing with mishandling of classified information. What a difference it makes when you have someone you can trust in the position of the nation’s top cop.

Of course, Democrats are already calling for Whitaker to recuse himself – just as they did to Jeff Sessions. We fell for that once, but not again.

Just a note, I got it wrong in my prediction on the House, but pretty close on the Senate. The most interesting part is that I said the fake polling would be 3-4 points exaggerated in favor of Democrats. I’ve seen no analysis of the House races, but today a story crossed on Fox that on the Senate side the exaggeration was on average 7-8 points! Wow! That’s a new record – even for the mob. A lotta pollsters will have a lot of explaining to do to clients not already a part of the mob 2 years hence.

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