13 Dead After Mass Shooting At Southern California Bar

13 Dead After Mass Shooting At Southern California Bar from ZeroHedge

TDC Note – Let’s see – white “lone wolf”, check, dead “lone wolf”, check. “big scary “assault rifle”” no, no, no, it was a handgun, check. First false flag to support the democrats attempt at gun control. Might as well get started as soon as possible.


At least 13 people, including a sheriff’s deputy and the suspected shooter, have been killed, while multiple others were injured during a shooting at the country western dance hall Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The bar was holding a “College Country” night event when the shooter reportedly stormed the entrance, per NBC News.

Media reports claimed hundreds of people were inside the venue at the time of the shooting, which began at around 11:30 pm local time.


Thousand Oaks is situated in Ventura County about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

One witness interviewed by local TV station ABC7 said that the shooting started when the gunman approached the entrance to the bar, located at 99 Rolling Oaks Drive, and shot a security guard and cashier. He then lobbed a smoke bomb inside the building as he continued to fire into the crowd.

According to a local CBS affiliate station, witnesses described the suspected gunman as a man who was wearing a trench coat and had a scarf on his face, or possibly a beard. Another described him as being dressed in “all black.”

One survivor described how he threw a stool through a window and escaped during a lull in the shooting.

“We heard shots, I looked up and knew exactly what was happening. I tried to pull down as many people as I could,” he said. “As soon as we heard a break in the shooting we knew he was reloading and we threw a couple of bar stools through the closest to us so we could get out.”

He said the shooter entered and turned to the door counter and coat check area before eventually working his way to the bar.

“He didn’t say anything, at least not that we could hear,” Estron added. “Everyone was just trying to get out.”

The shooter, who has been identified as a male, was reportedly shot and killed by police inside the bar; no other details about him have been released.

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