First Randgold Now Newmont Folds Into Barrick Gold

First Randgold Now Newmont Folds Into Barrick Gold by Rory – The Daily Coin

Mergers in mass beginning? It’s only been a month since Barrick (and China) bought Randgold and now Newmont falls victim to the merger axe.

If you think the gold mining industry is in great shape or even healthy then please explain the consolidation of these mining giants. These companies would not merge if everything was coming up roses, or in this case, golden.

If you haven’t been following along with all the mining executives we have been interviewing over the past two years it may be a good time to reconsider. Not providing financial advice, just saying over the past two years there have been a number of great interviews that be of value in light of what is happening to the mining industry.

The mining industry has been completely gutted of all research and development funds. The juniors and explorers are the only way for these guys can refill their vaults.

Barrick Gold, which is being formed by Barrick’s $6.1-billion takeover of Randgold Resources, is in talks with Newmont Mining to combine their Nevada gold mining operations, sources told Reuters.

Last month’s tie-up between Barrick and Africa-focused Randgold Resources revived speculation about a joint venture between Newmont and Barrick in Nevada, something the two mining firms had explored in 2014 without reaching a deal.

“They have been trying to negotiate for years but Newmont couldn’t agree with Barrick, now that you have a new management team, it’s certain they revived those talks,” one source said.

Newmont produced 1.8-million ounces of gold in Nevada in 2017 and has processing capacity which would benefit Barrick Nevada, which produced 2.3-million ounces or 43% of its owner’s 2017 output in 2017.

This included a joint venture at Turquoise Ridge mine, which is 25% owned by Newmont and annual savings from a combination of Newmont and Barrick’s Nevada assets could reach up to $300-million, according to analysts estimates.

“They are looking to turn Nevada into a free cash flow machine and this is the easiest way to do it,” one source said.

Barrick, Randgold and Newmont declined to comment.

Both Randgold and Barrick are focused on closing the deal after shareholder votes this week and will begin consolidating the combined business, including the sale of assets.

Barrick is likely to hold on to its copper mines after the Randgold takeover, even as it embarks on disposing of non-core assets, one of the sources added, betting on the metal used in construction, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

In October, Barrick’s executive chairman John Thornton said the miner was in “slow-motion, long-term conversations” with partners in Saudi Arabia and China interested in its copper assets, which collectively produced 413 000 t and about 7% of revenue in 2017. Source / Mining Weekly

I may be completely wrong in my assessment of this situation, but it sure seems like something is happening and the miners at the top are merging to protect themselves from something. Strength in numbers and as of right now, the newly formed Barrick Gold, has all the numbers and all the mines.

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