Attack on Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free

Attack on Gab Proves Speech Was Never Free by TOM LUONGO – Gold, Goats and Guns

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  • invaders coming through Mexico
  • movie props / “pipe bombs”
  • mass shooting of jews
  • GAB shut down

Desperation is not a good look – very transparent.


“Who Runs Bartertown!?”
– Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

The First Amendment protects your right to say whatever you want free from government prosecution.  It does not protect you from saying hateful things on private properties or privately-owned forums without fear of repercussion.

That is the very definition of freedom of association.

Friday’s attack by an unhinged, vile piece of human excrement on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh wasn’t hours old before real world agendas pushed to the top of the news.

Twitter alternative Gab was immediately dropped by PayPal without specific reasons.

Then immediately, Gab’s latest hosting service unilaterally gave the company a 48-hour termination notice of its contract.

This is the second time Gab has had to switch providers this year.  They have been denied an app in the iOS store.  Google will not allow their Android app to be in the Play Store.

Why is Gab targeted?

Because Gab is a true alternative to Twitter which exists outside of the control of the financial and political oligarchy.

With the recent passing of the EU’s “Link Law” which is designed to shut down opposition voices, the merged corporate/political oligarchy are moving to ensure that all speech is criminalized.

But to do that they first have to square the circle around that pesky First Amendment in the U.S.

And that means outsourcing the censorship to the companies who own the internet access points – the app platforms, the social media giants, the hosting firms and payment processors.

If you can’t build and maintain a business then you can’t oppose their rule.

With apologies to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “Free Speech isn’t Free… it costs a buck o’ five.”

This is classic barrier-to-entry stuff that the government engages in to protect the market share of the favored companies over their competition.

And despite the roadblocks put up in front of Gab it has continued to grow.

The platform has improved.  I know.  I’ve been a member since 2016 when it was only a haven for the vilest of people.  That early culture drove me away along with its limitations, but then again, I’m pretty bad at this whole social media thing.

But, today that is not the case.  Gab simply doesn’t censor you.  If you want to be a jackass in public, that’s your business.

It doesn’t seem to stop Elizabeth Warren after all.

What content you consume and produce is your responsibility and CEO Andrew Torba has given you those tools to speak freely and freely be ignored.

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