Another Elitist Pedophile Attempting A Cover Up?

Another Elitist Pedophile Attempting A Cover Up? by Elizabeth Vos – DisObedient Media

TDC Note – Nothing proven, at this point, so nothing more than allegations and front running a story in corporate media.

Will Bryan Singer’s Attempt To Preempt Esquire’s Expose Work?

Establishment press was a-flurry recently as Hollywood Director Bryan Singer struck out preemptively against an upcoming article to be published by Esquire that will reportedly raise new allegations of Singer’s involvement in the sexual abuse of children.

The New York Daily News reported on Singer’s preemptive attempt at damage control: “Singer — who has been accused of sexual misconduct multiple times in the past — does not go into specifics but contends the Esquire piece “will attempt to rehash false accusations and bogus lawsuits.”

Disobedient Media previously reported on child sex abuse in Hollywood, especially the concerns raised by the film An Open Secret, directed by Amy Berg. The 2014 documentary aired allegations of sexual abuse of children by industry bigwigs, including Brock Pierce, Hollywood Director and Producer Bryan Singer, Marc Collins-Rector and others.

In the wake of Singer’s widely-reported Instagram post on the upcoming Esquire piece, The New York Daily Newsspoke with Gabe Hoffman, a producer of An Open Secret, who said: “I believe that there are potentially credible criminal allegations against multiple members of Bryan’s network.” 

Disobedient Media also spoke with Hoffman, who compared the upcoming Esquire article with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, expressing disgust that the ‘#MeToo’ movement had not yet brought the issue of children abused at the hands of the powerful into question.

Gabe Hoffman also described Bryan Singer’s close ties to David Geffen and Gary Goddard, both of whom were linked to the Digital Entertainment Network, or DEN, described at length in An Open Secret. Goddard was previously sued in 2014, along with Singer, for alleged sexual abuse of a minor.

Singer’s well-known films include multiple entries in the X-Men film franchise, and 1995’s The Usual SuspectsThe Director and Producer has been the subject of numerous lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of young boys over the years, with the earliest dating back to his 1998 film Apt Pupil. During production, teenaged extras sued the film’s creators for allegedly directing them to strip naked for a shower scene.

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