The Boomer Bomber, Naked Emperors and the End of Civility

The Boomer Bomber, Naked Emperors and the End of Civility by Tom Loungo – Gold, Goats and Guns

Recently Hillary Clinton picked herself up off the couch to declare that it was time to end being civil to her political opponents.  Honestly, I thought this statement rich from someone who has so many dead bodies her scattered behind her.

Being an Enemy of Hilly has a very short lifespan.

But, her statement itself is nothing more than the latest mask being removed by the global oligarchy I like to call The Davos Crowd in their pursuit of retaining their illusion of control over the direction of the world we live in.

That’s right, illusion.  They don’t actually control anything.  If they did they wouldn’t be freaking out right now.  They wouldn’t be paying Hondurans to storm the U.S. Border, mailing fake pipe bombs to themselves or rigging elections.

In short, they wouldn’t be losing.

Always remember, control is an illusion.  The Emperor is always naked.

And no would-be-Emperor is more naked than Hillary Clinton (Yes, I apologize for the image this metaphor conjures up).

But now, at least, I have your attention.

Because the reality is that Hillary’s call for the End of Civility is one that was also always coming.  Those that have the most to lose by a shift in the power structure are always the ones who resort to ever more histrionic behavior to protect their place.

And Hillary is the very definition of that type of person.

But, this article isn’t about Hillary per se.

It is simply a reminder that Hillary is the symbol of where the Progressive left’s end game always was.  Politics is the art of masking the use of violence to achieve political and social goals.

It is the process of empowering the State, itself an instrument of violence, to impose one group’s will over that of another.

Unlike conservatives and Big-L Libertarians, Progressives are at least honest about their intentions to use the State to remake society, ie. YOU, in their image.  And if you resist that process, if you disagree with their edicts, then you are an enemy that must be destroyed.

Oh sure, they give lip service to being inclusive and nice about it while they have control over the levers of power, the State apparatus.  But, the minute they lose control of those levers, the sun goes down, the fangs come out and the bloodletting begins.

These people are vampires, sucking the life out of a society for their own ends.  They are evil in a way that proves John Barth’s observation that “man can do no wrong.”  For they never see themselves as the villain.

No.  They see themselves as the savior of a fallen people.  Nihilists to their very core they only believe in power. And, since power is their religion, all activities are justified in pursuit of their goals.

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