Movie Props, Staged Events and Real Lives

Movie Props, Staged Events and Real Lives by Rory – The Daily Coin

When the latest “mass shooting” began unfolding I was visiting a dear friend that suffers with MS. If you’re not familiar with MS I pray you never encounter it in any way. It is a cruel, horrible disease that strips a person of life from the inside out.

We were catching up on the weeks events when he flipped the TV to a channel showing what was going on in Squirrel Hill, PA. My initial reaction was “I should be home to cover this event – this is a big deal.” Then I remembered I was already covering an even bigger event, my friend needed my help and my attention. This is so much bigger than what happened in Pennsylvania there are no words to describe. A little smile, a flip of the channel and we were discussing his alma-mater Ohio State’s football team, ranked #2 in the nation last week when they received a shellacking on Oct. 20 at the hands of un-ranked Purdue.

On Wednesday Oct 24, around the usual time for major events to begin (just after everyone is settled in at work on the east coast) the news of “pipe bombs” began surfacing. The first of many announcements came around 830am CST and continued until Thursday mid day. Several people, all high profile criminals were the “target” of these so-called mail order “pipe bombs”. Is it really a bomb if it is designed like a movie prop? Is it a bomb if it is designed to NEVER go boom? How is that a “bomb”?

We covered this story as a false flag event, which from all indications, is the sloppy work of the FBI/CIA produced to distract from the beating the democrats are currently receiving at the polls. President Trump is crushing it on all fronts, with the exception of the arrests of the high ranking officials, both serving and out of office, and the border wall. “Lock her up” is still a favorite chant at Trump rallies as well as “build the wall”, two issues that middle America are focused on and it seems that Trump is moving too slowly for the people.

The movie props, as I call them, were found to be nothing more than gadgets made to look scary with no bomb material inside. Why would CNN news people be handling one of them in their office and taking photos of a “bomb” if they felt their lives were in danger? They wouldn’t but they did.

The stickers on the suspects van looked brand new. This van, with those stickers, is in south Florida. Once you get to Boca Raton, Palm Beach Florida, you are officially in the tropics. You know, where very bright sunshine lives?! So, bumper stickers, we are told, don’t fade in tropic sunshine? If you look at the stickers they are ALL 100% clearly legible and crystal clear to see the images of hillary, Trump and other people.

Thursday Oct 25 , while on Twitter, publishing articles and seeing what was being said, someone made a comment to the effect “next up – mass shooting”. We have the invading forces marching across Mexico, that has turned out to be a 100% nightmare for the democrats, then the “pipe bomb” scare and now “mass shooting” with “assault rifles”. Pipe bomb situation – lone wolf with a massive social media presence – why didn’t the FBI or any of the other alphabet spy agencies seek this person out? I thought they collected our digital data for the specific purpose of “protecting” us from dangerous people, you know, terrorist! What happened? The mass shooter, also a lone wolf, has a social media presence – another failure by the ALL the alphabet spy agencies to keep us “safe”. Y’all go on down there and turn in your guns because the gubment is going to protect you! Got it?

For these reasons I haven’t felt compelled to cover these stories wall-to-wall. The work is sloppy, transparent and until Saturday no one had, really, been hurt. The invading force marching across Mexico is going to be dealt with and the border will be closed for a short a period until President Trump gets a handle on the situation. The globalist will send out more of their useful idiots to destroy private property and create havoc across our country in “protest” of the border being closed and the new democrats being kept out. There will probably be a series of mass shootings, some staged and others natural, and many people may die. I am not asking this to happen, I don’t want it to happen; I am saying this could happen and we need to be aware at all times.

The globalist are seeing their power drained, inch by inch, line by line and law by law. They will fight, literally to the death, as long as it is someone else that dies, to protect what they have spent 50+ years building. The next week it’s going to get interesting. Be very careful, very aware and vote republican as if your life depended on it. When you vote, ensure that your vote is counted the way you voted. We are already hearing stories of votes being flipped, electronically, like the Bernie votes in California in 2016. Watch everything. Scared, injured animals are the most dangerous.

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