Fake Pipe Bombs And The Rise Of Pre-Packaged Propaganda

Fake Pipe Bombs And The Rise Of Pre-Packaged Propaganda by: Off The Grid News – Off the Grid News

For the last week or so, it seems that everything has been focused on the invasion force from Honduras. My Facebook feed contained a constant stream of memes, videos, comments, and articles about the pending invasion and what it meant to the United States. President Trump has been dealing with it as a national security issue. In addition, regular Army troops, as well as the National Guard, are on their way to the border to protect our nation.

fake pipe bombs
Could someone on the left be sending “fake pipe bombs”
as a visual image for the media rather than to put anyone
in real danger?

Shifting The Story To “Fake Pipe Bombs”

But all that changed Wednesday; at least if you believe the mainstream news media. While the army marching north hasn’t grown any smaller, let alone dissipated, it is apparently no longer of interest. That could be because it doesn’t play well for the Democrat political machine that the mainstream media supports.

As we’ve grown to expect in these cases, the media has shifted to a story that they hope will play out better for the left. This is specifically because of the outrage that it has the potential to develop. I’m referring, of course, to the letter bombs that have been delivered to CNN and several Democratic political figures.

It’s truly amazing how efficient the Post Office can be when you truly need it to. Supposed and possibly fake pipe bombs were delivered to CNN, Obama, Soros, the Clintons, and others, all within a 24-hour window. I wish I could get them to send mail that quickly for me. But wait… how did the Post Office deliver these packages without canceling the postage?

Signs Of A False Flag Operation

There are so many potential signs of a false flag operation here. Indeed, one would either have to be blind or a left-wing zombie to miss them. For six almost identical bombs to be delivered to prominent figures and none of them to work just isn’t feasible. If this were real, at least one of them should have gone off.

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