Lior Gantz: Markets Are Melting Down, Is It the Big One?

Lior Gantz: Markets Are Melting Down, But Probably Not the Big One by Rory – The Daily Coin

Equities markets have now, officially, lost all gains realized in 2018. My guess is, there’s a lot more loses to come. We have been warning people for the past several years to, at least, consider moving away from an unrealistic stock market. The gains, from this point, may not out weigh the risk. We would take profits, but we left the markets in 2009 and have never looked back. We don’t need to give financial advice as you should be smart enough to make your own decisions. If you don’t feel comfortable managing your wealth, seek professional help.

We sat down with Lior Gantz, Founder, Wealth Research Group, as well as an entrepreneur and investor. Lior has created lots of wealth for himself and for those that follow his work. One of the things I respect most about Lior is his willingness to give away his research. He has a newsletter service that is entirely free. He spends months and months, sometimes years, researching scenarios and then gives away what he finds. That is a rare quality to find in this day and time.

During our 50+ minute conversation we covered a wide variety of stocks, markets, highs, lows and how to generate wealth, what’s coming down the pike – directly at all of us, I might add – and we covered one of his new offerings his Top 5 Picks which he delivers approximately every 60 days, for free, to be 100% transparent about his investments and what he is doing with his money at the time. Pretty cool and, once again, extremely rare.

Can’t recommend this show enough as Lior makes offers that I caught me by surprise. We hope you learn a little something and don’t forget to sign up for Lior’s free newsletter service. While your at it, you should sign up for our free newsletter as well – delivered twice weekly to your inbox.

Links to the reports discussed in during the show:


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