Hillary Clinton – “Do Something!” 2 Days Before…

Hillary Clinton – “Do Something!” 2 Days Before…#MAGABomber? The Utter Implosion of the #BOMBOCRAT Party. #FakeNews #FakeBombs #BOMBOCRATS #FalseFlag #QAnon #GreatAwakening from Neon Revolt

What do you call a “bomb” that can’t explode?


And a mere two days later…?

Ahhhhhh, if only the #LunaticLeftists among us were only so hard to trigger.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, the #LegacyMediaexploded (pun fully intended with about as much nuance as a Frazetta painting) this morning with reports that “bombs” had made their way (or were on their way) to the offices of CNN, and top Democrats like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, “Noodles” Wasserman-Schultz, and more – and this, just mere days after a “bomb” had somehow found its way into Soros’ own mailbox, like some kind of lethal hermit crab finding a new shell.

Why, Jim “#DearDiary” Acosta even took to tweeting out photos of one bomb…

And this is about where the problems started for #TheNarrative these deranged Dems wanted to push for the day.

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