US Deficit Is SKYROCKETING! – This Is CRAZY (Video)

US Deficit Is SKYROCKETING! – This Is CRAZY Video – World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the constantly growing U.S. deficit as we see it skyrocket to $779B.
Interestingly, it’s the perfect storm to blame “small government” despite it being anything but. The same thing happened under Reagan as is happening today under Trump. Lower taxes which are great, but higher spending all the while. It doesn’t take a genius to see the clear problem there. Would you get demoted dramatically and then start buying more?

This will result badly. All while the banks are bankrupt with massively low cash to deposit ratios and the Federal Reserve prints unthinkable amounts of money while interest rates rise, all while pension bubbles, housing bubbles, auto bubbles, derivatives bubbles and other markets become incredibly unstable, we see the deficit continuing to climb at the same time as household debt.

Countries like China and Russia are taking advantage of this problem as powers shift and countries swap currencies. What will happen next will be massive, but in the end, as always, it comes down to the responsibility and education of free individuals to prepare themselves for the coming calamities. Individuals must decentralize their lives, be self sustainable, financially responsible and prepare.

Every fiat system falls and every massively centralized society falls eventually and one must take that into account and build and diversify their portfolio in anticipation.

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