Matt Gaetz, George Soros and Invaders Walking to America

Matt Gaetz, George Soros and Invaders Walking to America by Rory – The Daily Coin

The tweet below is from Representative Matt Gaetz. He is one of the few representatives that is actually looking out for the people. This tweet shows, without question, this entire “asylum seeking” nonsense is nothing more than a “job” to the people that are walking to the U.S. border. The people are being paid. My guess is, like Mr. Gaetz, George Soros’ Open Society is footing the bill.

We have published many articles over the past 2-3 days following this situation and we can’t find anything more important related to this story. It tells us the purpose of this whole exercise in a 59 second video. Get paid. If you notice the people in all the videos, not just the one below, the people are, obviously, well fed, have nice clothes and don’t appear to be destitute as we are constantly told. Why is all this happening? Is it just a gigantic publicity stunt to distract us from a real issue? Whatever the reason it is being exposed on all sides and now the people are being stopped in their tracks.

Human Caravan Caught Being Paid To March From Honduras To U.S./Mexican Border

And just in time for the Midterm Elections. You can almost hear the drool dripping from the panting mouths of the Establishment Media as they prepare their soon-to-be 24/7 coverage of the “human tragedy” that they will allege is the result of Republican immigration policies.

Never mind that if President Trump would be granted the immigration policies he’s advocated for no such caravans would ever occur and in fact, women and children would be far safer for it if some semblance of sanity was restored on America’s southern border. What is taking place in the video below is borderline evil and should not be supported by any Democrat or Republican – ever.

My guess is over the next few days this whole thing is going to fall completely apart and the people will return to their homes with a pocket full of cash. Hopefully, they will put it to good use and care for their family.

Once again President Trump has shown that he is in charge of our nation in directing VP Pence to put these nations on notice and explain to Mexico this is their problem and these invaders will not be allowed to enter the U.S.. That kind of changed Mexico’s stance and now we see a different approach by the Mexican government.

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