Honduras’s paid caravan ‘refugees’ exposed as frauds by Venezuela’s real refugees

Honduras’s paid caravan ‘refugees’ exposed as frauds by Venezuela’s real refugees By Monica Showalter – American Thinker

TDC Note – One of our loyal readers send me a note earlier about this situation providing a view that makes a lot of sense. The person will remain anonymous but I hope you find this analysis as thought provoking as I did.

It would appear that various efforts by the U.S. Government and Pres. Trump will be to no avail. Cutting off of aid? If the various governments do not stop the migration? Honduras is most likely glad they are leaving. Guatamala? Too late to do anything about it there as the ‘migrants’ for the most part have already crossed into Mexico. Either by going over the border river by bridge or makeshift floating whatevers. Mexico? The new prexi there has stated on more than one occasion that he thinks migration into the U.S. is ok, good for Mexicans and he is for open borders…. except for going into Mexico…so the Mexicanos will allow the migrants to proceed with a bit of news worthy but ineffective efforts to stop the folks.

Here is a situation or if you will a perfect example where the U.S. Government is treating symptoms … migrant movement into the U.S…. vs. the cause of the problem. What if your MD only treated a symtom of some problem you have instead of the treating the disease? So treat the symptom of the problem of the migrants moving towards the U.S. or putting miliary forces at the frontier….why not treat the problem …disease of the situation…. the migrants want the ‘American Dream’…free everything.. so treat the problem, the source of the situation….

That is stop all the freebies…. then of course the left will have a field with that, but in the meantime the U.S. Debt will get even bigger after all the migrants from Honduras get in line and get all the freebies from the American Dream…. next will be the folk from El Salvadore and Nicaragua…and…..

So end the ‘American Dream’ for everyone except the genuine Americanos. With the upcoming mid term elections…. all, or some of anyway, will problably cast a vote of two for their favorite democrate or lefty.

Then there is the real possibility of one of the U.S. Military stationed at the frontier shooting one or two or how many of the migrants…. think about that for a minute.


To hear the left and its complicit press tell it, the great 4,000-strong caravan of Hondurans snaking through through Guatemala and Mexico on their way to the U.S. to claim asylum, are just desperate refugees, traveling in a group to ensure their safety. That was how the New York Times wrote it up.

Well, no.

Turns out they’re being paid, in money, standing in line for their paychecks. A video posted by Rep. Matt Gaetz and highlighted on DC Whispers shows the process:

Compared to Honduran wages, where the per capita income is around $2,200, it’s undoubtedly nice work if you can get it.

And it highlights that the caravan march is just a job like any other, Honduras’ lower middle class being hired for a publicity stunt by some moneybags with an interest in eroding rule of law at the U.S. border. Gaetz openly wondered if it was George Soros, who’s sponsored such things in the past. It explains the newish-looking clothes being worn by these so-called refugees. And it explain the festive look of the thing, what with the Honduran banners and battle flags flying. With a good paycheck and word getting around, you can see why the caravan has snowballed from first a thousand in the earliest reports, to 3,000, to now 4,000 at last count. It could easily go to numbers much higher what with all the paychecks going around for a hard day’s acting role, playing the role of desperate refugee and then illegal alien, just in time for U.S. midterms.

There’s just one bad fly in the ointment.

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