President Trump Send Troops to The Southern Border to Stop the Invasion

President Trump Send Troops to The Southern Border to Stop the Invasion by Rory – The Daily Coin

This is ridiculous. By all accounts this is an invasion and nothing else. They not have guns, however, we don’t currently know. The goal is not to “overthrow the government” but to live off the “fat of the land”. The goal is to have the tax payers, that’s you and I, to pay for their life. It’s an economic invasion.

If President Trump stops this by sending troops to the border it will be a massive Republican sweep of the mid terms and Trump2020 will be secured. If he doesn’t, it’s all over but the crying. The democrats will take over and our country will fall to an even smaller group of criminals.

Why are all these people still moving north if the government of Mexico is supposedly stopping their movement?

This was the scene at the Mexican southern border as the invaders began the next leg of their invasion moving towards America’s southern border.

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