The Power of Imagined Threats and Projected Vitriol

The Power of Imagined Threats and Projected Vitriol by Rory – The Daily Coin

We have been documenting the violence that has been unleashed by the so-called “progressives”. In our latest piece we reviewed a couple of the starting points and the very beginnings of the out-of-control riots, hatred and destruction of private property by left-wing lunatics. These people are terrifying and the situations they are creating, across the country I might add, should be taken seriously. These people are dangerous, some of them carry weapons and they feel it is their duty to attack Trump supporters or members of the Trump administration. I feel confident most of you have seen at least a few of the reports over the past 3-4 years.

On October 17 it seems one of the permanently offended that was looking for a reason to be offended found what she sought. Apparently, a young lady, college student was walking from one building to another on campus when she came upon a group of “Trump supporters”. There are no images of these supposed “Trump supporters” it is a bit unclear how she made this determination. Could’ve been people wearing #MAGA hats or shirts or something to that effect but we do not know.

This is where it gets interesting and demonstrates, perfectly, the power of imaginary fear and projected vitriol. From what is known in the short 1:00 video we don’t see any other people, we don’t hear any other voices and, therefore, must take what this person is saying at face value. What she says is there is a group of “Trump supporters” gathered close-by. The only way this is a threat to her, or anyone else, is if they are projecting their own fears and imagination onto the people that are gathered. Were they making threatening gestures, threatening chants or anything threatening? It appears they were not. It seems clear, from the video, the people were not being loud, disruptive or threatening in any way. The “Trump supporters” are completely off camera so we will never known what “triggered” this phone call or this “feeling” of being threatened.

This is the state of the permanently offended, permanently victimized class of people that see everything around them as a threat. Every word spoken is a threat. This woman is scared enough to call security for “an escort”. Why? Has she been watching the completely out-of-control, radicalized left-wing lunatics as they gathered, physically threaten, physically attack individuals and physically destroy private property? I have only seen one or two reports, out of the hundreds of recent reports on civil unrest, depicting right-wing lunatics. It has been 98% left-wing mobs / gangs attacking people – anyone really – that happen to be in their sphere.

If the video below doesn’t depict projected imagined fear, can someone please explain to me – in very simple terms – what this is all about.

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You see, I believe the woman above was confusing Trump supporters for Antifa thugs like the ones below.

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