The Pocahontas Saga Continues

The Pocahontas Saga Continues by Rory – The Daily Coin

Yesterday I saw this whole story in a much different light. Today I have come realize the importance of having, yet another, democratic liar “representing” anything outside of a traveling flea circus.

The left’s real, actual colors are beginning to show very clearly. We have seen two amazing undercover pieces from Project Veritas Action detailing how two different democratic candidates are nothing more than lying politicians that will say anything to get in office so they can then unleash their true agenda. Their true agenda? Impeach duly elected President Trump, impeach SCOTUS Kavanaugh and overturn the 2nd Amendment – you know, nothing real big just the complete and utter dismantling of our nation.

The past two days we have seen this lying, scheming Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA) attempt to help her cause by completely exposing her 20+ years old lie. The woman that President Trump called Pocahontas on a number of occasions because of this ongoing lie, now must face the music. She is less Native American than the typical American!! That is just hilarious to me.

The problem is her own family said she was lying, and the democratic left still supported her. Harvard accepted her as a “person of color”, which is fraud and her entire political life has been based on this one lie.

You know President Trump was not about to allow this moment to go unnoticed – and he did not disappoint!

It seems the American public has noticed all this lying as well.

The problem I have with all this nonsense is the rest of the world. The entire world follows what happens in America, while we completely ignore the rest of the world, this nonsense is now traveling at the speed of twitter around the world. What a laughing stock this makes our entire country. These bottom-feeders, like Elizabeth Warren, never, ever take that into account. “Representative” – ha, what a joke.

Now that I think about it I wouldn’t allow her to represent a flea circus much less a community or this nation.

ZeroHedge has extended coverage of the mockery and shaming of Elizabeth Warren – click here for the whole sorted mess.

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