The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco

The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco by Ghassan and Itbah Kadi – The Saker

A mystifying diplomatic escalation ensued following the disappearance of Saudi Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, after visiting the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Why would the United States of America make such a fuss over the disappearance of a non-American citizen? Why would America turn a blind eye to the Saudi killing of thousands of Yemeni civilians and the starving of millions others and then make “threats” against Saudi Arabia after one single Saudi journalist disappeared and has presumably been murdered by Saudi authorities?

And since when did Erdogan worry about human rights? After all, this is the same man whose army has committed countless atrocities against Syria and Turkish Kurds.

And the repercussions did not stop at the official level. Even Western business leaders are cancelling trade deals with Saudi Arabia and asking its government for explanations.

Let us not forget that America does not only ignore the war on Yemen, but it also assists the Saudis and supplies them with arms and intelligence. What’s behind the sudden U-turn? Why would the President of the United States of America be personally involved in this?

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has a long history of persecuting dissidents and suppressing any opposition. So once again, why was Khashoggi singled out in this instance to become such a person of interest to the USA? His status as a journalist and columnist for Washington Post certainly does not answer this question.

And back to Erdogan, the man who reached the cliff-edge with America on a number of strategic and trade issues, why would he be concerned about the “murder” of a foreign journalist allegedly at the hand of his own government? According to the story, the “murder” was committed at the Saudi Consulate, and technically, Turkey has no jurisdiction within this diplomatic precinct albeit it is within Turkey.

The story has been elevated to the level of news headlines even in news breaks. This statement is not meant to either vindicate Saudi Arabia or to justify forfeiting the blood of Mr. Khashoggi, but when the West acts at this level of hypocrisy, something has to be amiss, and the question is what is it?

If we rewind the clock and take into account the timeline of events, this is what we find:

2nd of October 2018. Khashoggi walks into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Unless tampered with, the date is confirmed on the CCTV video presented in this link:

3rd of October, President Trump, unprovoked, said that Saudi Arabia would not survive for two weeks on its own without American protection and demanded that Saudi Arabia should pay for that protection.

5th of October. Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman was quick to respond. In his interview with Bloomberg Crown Prince reiterated that Saudi Arabia has been around since 1744, 30 years before the United States came to existence. The date of 1744 is in reference to the smaller Emirate of Diriyah which was established by Mohamed bin Saud before the King Abdul Aziz expanded his territory to the current borders. In referring to this date, the Prince was saying that Saudi Arabia stood on its own feet before any alliance with America, but he is conveniently ignoring the fact that before any petrol was discovered, external threats were not an issue. In his interview, he later on referred to the Saudi ability to withstand the Obama years, claiming the Obama administration worked against Saudi interests. Though he did not name Syria, he was undoubtedly referring to Syria among other things.

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