Reality Weighed Against Perceptions

Reality Weighed Against Perceptions by Rory – The Daily Coin

This piece was inspired by The Burning Platform where the tweet and two images below were originally published.

Some people seem to be struggling with reality in these “modern” times. We have social media telling us what to think, how to feel and what’s best for us. Well, if you buy into that nonsense others will be more than happy to manage your life, when they, in fact, can not manage their own life.

We now have groups of extremely violent people running around our cities across the country. This all began 4-5 years ago with professional sporting teams names being called racist. This morphed into state flags being racist and states being forced to erase their heritage. This then morphed into tearing down history – historical statues all around the country – erasing even larger, more prominent pieces of our collective history and heritage. There was even a tree that was ripped up by the roots as being a “racist tree“. Not sure how someone could arrive at the point ever seeing or believing that a tree could be racist, but, in these modern times of social media…why not!

Since then we have seen our history being torn apart, disappeared and gone forever. All of this “racism” has now morphed into attacks against the 1st Amendment. We have seen riots in Berkley, CA sparked by a lecture to be given by a conservative, gay, white man at UCBerkley. In these days of social engineering and small groups of people being celebrated and laws changed to “protect” them that a gay man would become the target of violent maniacs, but it happened.

This is why people are concerned about the democratic leadership – Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono and Chuck Schumer all calling for one form of violence or another. All these people have, over the past two years, stood up in public and told their constituency that violence is perfectly acceptable. We are now seeing the fruits of the seeds that were planted a few years ago when someone thought the Washington Redskins football team has a racist name.

We are seeing mental disorders of all types play out due to misguided perceptions that have become completely divorced from reality.

This person believes they are part of the 99% when they are in fact part of a much smaller percentage of the nation. The comments below the image are much closer to reality than the message being conveyed in the image. The divorce from reality, born in the echo chamber of social media, is manifesting in other ways as well.

This misconception of importance is spelled out, in easy to understand language, right there. I didn’t create this meme but I am certainly grateful to the person that had the good sense to make it easy for everyone to see the difference between importance and completely unimportant. I have long said that I don’t care what any “celebrity” thinks about an issue. Why should I? They live in a world that is so far removed from where I live or where I stand they may as well live on Mars. Katy Perry lives in a $19 million mansion. Explain to me how this person can somehow relate to the family making $75,000 annually, but yet, the family thinks she has words of wisdom to share with them – she doesn’t. I’m not saying that Katy Perry or anyone else doesn’t have the right to speak their mind. What I’m saying is that I have the right to pay them absolutely zero attention.

Yet another great example, easy to understand and shows clearly the difference between perception and reality. The United States is a constitutional republic it is not a democracy. We have been told, mostly by corporate media including NPR, the U.S. is a democracy and we are “spreading democracy” in the unConstitutional wars of aggression we are engaged in around the world. We are not spreading anything of value and we are most certainly not spreading democracy. Can someone explain to me, in simple terms, why we are fighting in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya? For now, we are going to over look Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. We have wasted more than $4.6 TRILLION tax payers dollars since 2001 on wars for….. What are we fighting for?

From my perspective our nation is suffering from social media overload. The nonsense that spews forth is fake news. Unfortunately, fake news being spread by the masters of fake news while at the same time crushing real news and reality.

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