The Seeds Have Been Sown for World War III

The Seeds Have Been Sown for World War III by Rory, The Daily Coin

Originally published in December 2014. While it’s almost 4 years old we are republishing to demonstrate how far ahead of the curve we have been regarding the bankers and unfolding world war.

Welcome to another Fire Side chat with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics. In this latest conversation Dave and I dig into Russia and examine several of the issues that have been all over the alternative news as well as the presitute media.

Some of the more recent issues have dealt with the crashing Ruble and how this is happening. Dave believes, and I agree, that it is a function of the currency wars instituted by the US government. Why wouldn’t the Federal Reserve point their barrels at Russia’s economy and use the dollar to create some much needed distractions from the $1 TRILLION increase the US deficit? As desperate as the Western world appears to be, with the dying-dollar at their feet, they need another war and they need it now. Demonize Russia, and more specifically Putin, create a situation that may cause the citizens of Russia to turn on their leader and start dropping bombs. A hungry and angry citizenry makes for nightmare scenario, of the ruling class, in any country.

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