The Bankers Have These Markets Completely Locked Down

The Bankers Have These Markets Completely Locked Down by Rory, The Daily Coin

Originally published in December 2014. While it’s almost 4 years old we are republishing to demonstrate how far ahead of the curve we have been regarding the banksters and unfolding world war.

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics, was kind enough to spend almost an hour with me and this is Part II of our Fire-side chat regarding Russia.

Part II picks-up exactly where Part I left off and we continue digging into the implications of the China-Russia coalition along with the massive attack on the Russian Ruble by the United States. What weapons have been used? What role does the Russian alternative to the SWIFT play? Will the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization take the reigns from the Western powers?

It is no secret that Brazilian President Rousseff has begun working on a new internet line to connect the BRICS. It is also widely known that the new BRICS Development Bank is located in Shanghai. Russia will be launching the alternative to the SWIFT system in May 2015. These three components, developed and operated in three countries that absolutely loathe the United States government will be working in concert with one another to tie a different monetary system together. This new system will (supposedly) be outside the reach of Anglo-American Axis of banker criminals. Time will tell.

Click HERE for Part I

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