China China China Not Russia, Dow Crashes, Kanye Backs Trump

China China China Not Russia, Dow Crashes, Kanye Backs Trump by Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog

TDC Note – Why are so many people upset that Kanye West and Candace Owens like President Trump? It’s a fair question. You would think that simply because he is a black man that he is somehow tied to the democratic party – why is that? Where did that train of thought come from and why was ever born?


We have been told constantly that Russia is trying to undermine America, but, in fact, it is China by a very wide margin. China has been recruiting spies to work with prominent senators like Diane Feinstein. Mitch McConnell has also enriched himself by granting access to China. Meanwhile, the only evidence of Russia collusion is with the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and NOT President Trump.

Then we find out that Google is working on a super search engine for China that will censor the internet in that country and report unwelcome political views. This is the model that newly leaked Google secret documents wants to bring to America and the world. It reveals that Google and other big tech companies “control the majority of online conversations.” The big tech companies say nothing about the persecution of Christians in China either.

The stock market took a big plunge this week, sliding 1,500 points. The gold and silver prices took a leap higher, and interest rates look like they are trending up. Will interest rates spike higher like former Fed Head Alan Greenspan warned they might? We will see, but the Fed is raising rates and said this in no uncertain terms.

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Economics Professor Mark Skidmore will give an update to the additional missing $21 trillion in the federal budget he discovered using government data that have now been scrubbed from the internet.

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