They Are Trying To Silence Us – As Media Suffers Its ‘Worst, Most Humiliating Chapters In Modern Journalism

They Are Trying To Silence Us – As Media Suffers Its ‘Worst, Most Humiliating Chapters In Modern Journalism,’ Independent Media Is Needed Now More Than Ever By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

TDC Note – I have been on GAB for close to a year and there is a wide variety of people exercising their 1st Amendment rights, unlike what Twitter, FB or G+ say about what it is or what they are doing. It is merely an open platform for people to speak their mind – freely.


One of the most dishonest statements a writer and/or reporter can make is the claim that they have no bias, or as CNN’s Chris Cillizza stated in October 2016 “Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don’t root for a side. Period.”

I called BS then, and I call it now. CNN’s own Chris Coumo proved Cillizza’s dishonesty two years before Cillizza made that laughable claim by admitting, on-air, that in the media’s push for Hillary Clinton to announce a presidential run, “We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign, so it had better happen.” (Video here, published in 2016, but Cuomo’s statements were made in 2014)

As a writer myself, I will tell readers straight up, I am a conservative and everything from our choice in topics, to our observations, contain the inherent bias of our own ideology.

The differences between the establishment media and Independent Media are many, but the top three are listed below.

1) Independent Media writers openly admit their bias, whereas establishment liberal media pundits claim their bias does not affect their work.

2) Independent Media will state our observations, but will link to our source material or embed original documents, rather than just say “I read it and this is what is important to you,” so that readers can read, research and use their own judgement to determine if they agree with our observations, and highlight what they find to be of importance to them.

3) The most important difference, the most critical at this moment is that Silicon Valley, including Google, YouTube (Owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc….. are actively censoring conservatives, and have stepped up those attacks against Independent Media, while heavily promoting the liberal media establishment.



The statement in quotation above comes from one of the most detailed, documented and sourced, take downs of the establishment liberal media behavior over the last month, in relation to the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

While we at ANP covered many items individually as they happened, Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams, provides the entire timeline of the liberal media’s “immediate willingness to trade this industry’s already badly battered reputation for a political victory.”

I cannot recommend this piece enough, the documented lies, misleading headlines, the timeline, it is a journalistic piece of art, to which Adams concludes towards the end, “The errors all pointed in one direction.”

Taken separately, a fair-minded person could say the authors of these and still more unfairly anti-Kavanaugh reports were merely ignorant or sloppy. But taken all together – and mind you, this doesn’t even include the commentaries – it paints a far more damaging picture for some of the nation’s most prestigious and vaunted newsrooms.

From the smaller errors to the more egregious ones (like NBC’s decision to air the Swetnick interview), there’s only one thing that ties all the awful reporting together. Every single story worked against Kavanaugh, as if with a unity of purpose intended to ensure that he would never be given a fair chance to clear his good name and reach the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh has a lifetime appointment now, which may or may not be worth what he had to put up with to get it. But the clear victim here is the credibility of the news media itself, which has suffered far more damage than any number of attacks President Trump could inflict upon it.

Please read it in its entirety, the piece is titled “Confirmation bias: Brett Kavanaugh and the major media’s worst moment,” because it clearly shows the need for more voices, more independent opinion, more information, at a time when Silicon Valley is determined to silence us, conservatives, Independent Media, and social media users that do not conform to the preferred narrative.



On October 3, 2018, I received an email from the newer social media platform Gab, which was created as an alternative to Twitter when it became apparent that Twitter was actively censoring, shadow banning and silencing conservative opinion.

Gab does what Twitter originally claimed it would do, allows free speech, the free exchange of ideas and opinions, which is why the liberal media and its cohorts immediately started claiming “Gab has been described as a platform for white supremacists and the alt-right.”

That is untrue. I have a Gab account and sure there are some white supremacists, but there are also far left, radical liberals, and many in between the two fringes, and as promised, unless someone is posting illegal content (child porn, terrorist content, etc….) they do not censor the content.

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