Nancy Pelosi Explains How to Ruin Someones Life

Nancy Pelosi Explains How to Ruin Someones Life by Rory – The Daily Coin

The video below is from a press conference, held by Nancy Pelosi, about a year before Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court. Remember this speech in 25+ days from now when you go to vote. If the democrats win anything this woman will a louder voice and more power than she does today. I pray that independents use reason and vote republican, in droves, to keep these radicalized politicians out of office and away from power.

If you want to better understand what is wrong with our society and why there is a massive societal breakdown look no further than Nancy Pelosi. This press conference is the reason we have seen Maxine Waters DIRECTING PEOPLE to push back against people they disagree. Don’t bother with having a dialogue run them out of “restaurant, their home or gas station” really anywhere you see someone that doesn’t share your beliefs or ideals.

It has also fueled the fire of Corey Booker and created the appropriate space for him to DIRECT PEOPLE to push back against people as well. Why are these “elected officials” not removed from their seats and thrown out of office? Is this not a form of federal felony hate speech? Are these not the instigators of violence that we see across the country? Do these words, coming from people in authority, not embolden the rioters, agitators and others that regularly attack people for wearing a hat, a shirt or just happened to go grocery shopping?

Please don’t take my word for it, listen to Nancy Pelosi explain, in detail, how ruin someone’s life that she disagrees. Lie, use propaganda or any other method of deception you wish – it’s all fair game. Arrest this woman at once.

In June of 2017, just after Jon Ossoff’s Chernobyl-like meltdown in a Georgia special election, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had one of her more infamous news conferences of her tenure in Democrat leadership.

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