Politicians And Terrorists Make Ebola Outbreak Worse

Politicians And Terrorists Make Ebola Outbreak Worse by: Off The Grid News

Relief workers and doctors cannot contain a dangerous Ebola outbreak in Africa because of politics and terrorism.

Political interference and violence, including machete attacks, are making it difficult to control an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) suspended vaccinations in the city of Beni because of violence.

Specifically, Beni was WHO’s base of operations for the Ebola outbreak. As a result of the attacks, nobody is being vaccinated or tested for Ebola there.

Terrorists Interfering In Ebola Outbreak Relief Operations

For example, an Islamic terror group called the Allied Defense Forces is apparently targeting vaccinators, NBC News reports. Over 100 different armed groups are reportedly operating in the Ebola outbreak area.

The Beni base was closed because of seven consecutive terror attacks, as Dr. Peter Salama, WHO’s head of emergency preparedness, revealed. Terrorists are explicitly attacking civilians in the Ebola outbreak area, Salama claims.

Particularly, WHO workers could only reach 20% of the potential victims. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of possible Ebola cases are going undetected or untreated.

Politicians Use Ebola Outbreak To Get Votes

Local politicians are making the Ebola outbreak worse by using it as a campaign issue.

For instance, politicians are spreading conspiracy theories about Ebola on the campaign trail. Consequently, those conspiracy theories are making it hard for WHO to test or vaccinate people for Ebola.

“That resistance, driven by quite natural fear of this terrifying disease, is being exploited by local politicians,” Salama claims.

Ebola Outbreak Kills 100 People In Africa

Authorities estimate that the Ebola outbreak in the North Kivu region has infected 150 people since July. They estimate the death toll at 100, thereby indicating that two out of every three people infected with Ebola have died so far.

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