Trump Isn’t Going To Save The United States

Trump Isn’t Going To Save The United States by William Craddick – DisObedient Media

Two years into his Presidency, Donald Trump’s accomplishments are constantly lauded by his followers. America’s finance and business worlds are on the road to recovery and diplomatic relations with North Korea are improving so substantially that a peace accord on the peninsula may be in store down the road. ISIS, while still maintaining a global network that threatens the United States, has been routed from much of the territory they once openly occupied in the Middle East.

But Trump’s tenure has also revealed the presence of a number of flaws. He overemphasizes his economic recovery, ignores attacks on his supporters in the real and digital world, is apparently unaware that his own officials are likely waiting till the end of his administration to pursue negative foreign policy objectives, and seems unwilling to go after his former friends, business colleagues and social acquaintances. All of these factors, combined with his constant desire to be well liked by even his enemies are beginning to create the very real risk of undermining goals of the movement that elected him.

I. Overemphasis On Economy While Supporters Marginalized

While the rapid growth of American economy and a rising stock market have created wealth and opportunity, it has come at the cost of the attention President Trump gives to his constituents. While Trump’s Twitter feed is a ticker tape of Fox News headlines and recent stats about the booming economy, he very rarely, if ever tweets about violence directed towards his supporters.

Attacks or threats of attacks on members of Trump’s movement have occurred as recently as September 11th, 2018 without comment from the President. Social media giants such as Facebook and Google directly allow foreign interests such as China to take a leading role in censoring communications of any right wingers, populists or anti-war proponents. This collaboration has dire implications for US security. Trump has yet to take action against groups targeting his base outside of strong words or probes that have not yielded real solutions to these problems.

Discriminatory focus on particular topics isn’t an anomaly for Trump. He also criticizes certain criminal, terrorist or extremist groups such as ISIS or MS-13, yet never mentions others like Antifa or Mexican cartels, giving these groups more space to operate due to decreased scrutiny. A walking contradiction, Trump will intervene in a foreign country over his concern for injured children yet not take similar forceful action against rampant crime and trafficking in Sanctuary Cities such as Chicago.

The tendency to ignore the pain of his people to spotlight the economy makes for a hollow victory. Trump himself frequently mentions that his economic recovery is fragile and could be immediately reversed by his predecessor. There is, however, an even more dangerous element likely not being considered by either Trump or his base:

Dramatic economic recovery can be a precursor to the outbreak of war.

Observers seeking to guess at which countries America might engage with militarily need only look where US sanctions are being applied – locations such as Iran, Syria, Turkey, China, Venezuela, Russia, or the European Union where anti-American sentiment has been on the rise. Sanctions provide valuable intelligence on the ability and resolve of a targeted country to respond militarily and economically in a conflict.

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