How the Supreme Court Failed Americans

How the Supreme Court Failed Americans by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

It’s hard to know where to start. We connect the dots… but the dots just get wackier.

The stock market – already outrageously overpriced – goes higher!

The deficit – already way out of control – just gets worse!

America’s empire – already overstretched, over-indebted, and oversized – just gets bigger.

And the foundation myths – on which the whole edifice rests – just become further and further detached from reality.

Pack the Court

Last week, we looked at one of them. The Supreme Court, say the mythmakers, is the last bulwark protecting our freedom and guaranteeing our Constitution.

That’s what it says on paper. That’s what you learn in civics classes. And that’s why Supreme Court justices must spend their whole lives beyond reproach… unblemished by sin… unsullied by mistakes… and untainted by the kind of flesh-and-blood goofiness that afflicts the rest of humankind.

Only angels can join the Supremes; nominees must show their wings to gain admittance.

The measure of a great court is how courageous it is – that is, how far its judgements inconvenience the powerful and upset popular opinion. If the court is merely echoing the cronies and the mob, why bother having it?

In the mid-1930s, the august justices considered many of Franklin Roosevelt’s programs to be unconstitutional. In response, Roosevelt proposed to “pack the court.” Whenever a justice hit 70 years of age and failed to retire, the president would simply appoint an additional judge.

The plan never went into effect. The court backed down. And by 1938, the New Deal was no longer unconstitutional… It was the law of the land.

The angels flew along with the wind, not against it.

And since then, we can’t think of a single opinion that has significantly slowed the growth of the Deep State… nor any opinion that has been deeply at odds with public opinion.

Deep State Court

Thanks to the cowardice of the Supreme Court, the Deep State grows… and the power of states and individuals declines.

Since the 1930s, the feds have intruded into almost every aspect of our lives, with no enabling provision in the Constitution. Where were the Supremes?

And where have they been since the 1950s, when the feds began a long list of wars… without Congressional declaration?

And where have they been hiding out since 1971, when the feds substituted paper money for the gold and silver called for in the constitution?

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