China Makes Its Move at the U.N. General Assembly

China Makes Its Move at the U.N. General Assembly by John Hayward – Breitbart

The 2018 United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly has to make do without an appearance by Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, but there is a heavy Chinese presence at the event, which Beijing – and critics of the Trump administration’s foreign policy – see as a golden opportunity for China to assume the mantle of globalist champion and displace the United States as the world’s most influential nation.

The UK Guardian on Monday quoted observers who felt the biggest global story of the past year is China’s rapidly accelerating rise to power, while the United States withdraws from multilateral institutions and treaties:

In a sense China, through its resourcing of the UN, has earned a right to be heard. For a country wary of concepts such as the interventionist responsibility to protect, China has become the pillar of UN peacekeeping. From providing only 3% of total financial contributions in 2013, China now contributes 10.25% of the total UN peacekeeping budget. It has pledged to provide $1bn for peacekeeping over the next five years.

China has trained more than 8,000 People’s Liberation Army troops to serve as standby militia for UN peacekeeping operations. The US, by contrast, is cutting back, albeit from a higher spending base. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Hayley, has said the US is just getting started on its cuts to UN contributions.

Not surprisingly, China is seeking commensurate status within the UN. Although it has provided more peacekeeping troops than the other four permanent members of the security council combined since 2012, as yet no Chinese national holds a senior post in any of the 15-plus UN peacekeeping missions.

The interesting thing about the Guardian piece is that everyone at the U.N. seems to understand China is far more “nationalist” than President Donald Trump and his advisers would ever think of becoming, and by now they should realize Beijing is transparently interested in using its globalist clout to become more opaque.

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