FIRE Your Doctor

FIRE Your Doctor By Owen Sullivan – Laissez Faire Books –

“I dreaded my visits to the doctor,” says 54-year-old Rosie Walsh.

“She wasn’t a bad doctor… or even a bad person, I guess. She was well qualified… and nice. Even though she always seemed a little too busy to talk properly, you know?

“But those surprise bills were killing me.”

Surprise bills. 

Rosie is referring to what doctors call “low-ticket items.”

Blood work. Pap Smears.

Those little tests to make sure everything is ticking over fine.

We all need them. But for Rosie, a two-time cancer survivor, these kind of tests are vital… frequent… and expensive.

Of course, doctors and insurance agencies refer to them as low-ticket items… but Rosie was looking at semi-regular bills of $200… $500… even $1,000.

“And, of course, my insurance company didn’t cover any of it,” says Rosie. “Every time I would go to the doctor, I never knew how much it was going to cost me.

“They never tell you the price up front. And then two weeks later… there’s this bill for $850 and I’m like, ‘when did this happen?’

“Imagine. Being afraid of going to the doctor. I was stressing about it constantly. And of course, stress makes you sick, so I found myself needing to go the doctor more and more regularly.

“It was a nightmare.”

The Healthcare Trap

We’ve all been there.

Hidden costs that weren’t explained upfront.

Mysterious add-on items and “services” tacked on to your bill.

“Comprehensive” insurance plans that can’t cover basic medical costs.

And we have to just sit there and take it.

Because the choice is to pay up now… or pay later… with your health.

You feel trapped between your shrinking bank account and the responsibility to stay healthy.

“I couldn’t take it anymore,” says Rosie. “It was driving me insane. Thank God I got out when I did.”

That’s right.

Rosie got out. And carved herself a slice of sanity in this crazy system.

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