The Chinese African Debt Enslavement Plan

The Chinese have invaded several African countries with an imperialistic zeal that should fill the US with envy. Below is are excerpts from the operationalization of this Chinese plan of global imperialism.


The Zambian government has gone into overdrive trying to defend the country’s reputation over fears that China is about to take over strategic national institutions and assets. Well, is it true? Are there any national assets that the Chinese are taking over in Zambia? The answer is yes! Let’s begin with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation. ZNBC is repossessed because they have ring-fenced the cash flows of the national broadcaster for the next 25 years. As if that is not bad enough, China has gained control of the signal; they are the signal distributor now and bullying any Zambian television investor who attempts to provide competition as a signal carrier. Where has it happened in the world that a foreign company becomes a signal distributor on behalf of the national broadcaster? And they are even licensing local television stations, making them pay to carry their signal. Can Google be very far behind this plot to complete control the flow of information? Also, China is taking over Zambian International Airport in Lusaka for default on debt repayment. They have also confiscated and closed a major highway in Zambia.


Due to China’s loan policy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of increasing debt distress in 15 African countries. However, both the IMF and the United Nations stop short of condemning the Chinese for their hyper-colonialism.


In 10 years, their sleepy fishing villages here could be razed to create space for Africa’s largest port that the Chinese have planned. The tiny fishing village of Bagamoyo is set to become Africa’s largest port in a $10 billion Chinese development project. In typical Chinese fashion, they are saying to hell with the local economy and the ability for the locals to make a living.


Although Kenya and Ethiopia were the only two African nations among the 30 countries signing economic and trade agreements at the Belt and Road Forum (Barf) in Beijing in May last year, China has been very busy on the continent. The flagship Belt and Road project is Kenya’s 290-mile railway from the capital, Nairobi, to the port city of Mombasa, which opened to the public last year. There are plans to extend that network into South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi; it was already the country’s largest infrastructure project since independence. While in Kenya, perhaps the Chinese will build a shrine to Obama’s birthplace.


Ethiopia got a 470-mile electric railway from its capital, Addis Ababa, to the port in the neighboring dictatorship of Djibouti. The £2.5bn project – financed by a Chinese bank and built by Chinese companies. This project opened in January of 2018.


Chinese infrastructure projects stretch all the way to Angola and Nigeria, with ports planned along the coast from Dakar to Libreville and Lagos. Beijing has also signaled its support for the African Union’s proposal of a pan-African high-speed rail network.


Everyone of the aforementioned countries has significant agricultural supplies. Stalin used food as a weapon as did Hitler and also that strategy was employed by Mao.

In the meantime, U.S. politics are so busy with infighting, thanks to the extreme Liberal Left-wing, Deep State agenda that is not only destructive, but nonsensical and irrational. Europe needs to deal with their self-inflicted migrant problem that will most probably shatter Europe. Due to these distractions, they are being outmaneuvered by China. We are soon going to awaken to a world where the Chinese control the majority of the world’s food reserves.

There is also the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Imperialism begets war without exception. With the rising tide of global populism, it is safe to that the irresistible force is about to move immovable object.

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