Deconstructing Campbell’s Smear Campaign Yields A Blueprint For Propaganda

Deconstructing Campbell’s Smear Campaign Yields A Blueprint For Propaganda by Adam Carter – DisObedient Media

n Part One, we covered the background and construction of a smear campaign built by Duncan Campbell over the past nine months that managed to make its way past editorial oversight at ComputerWeekly, with the story then gaining some coverage at DefenseOne and TechDirt.

In Part Two, we covered the Computer Weekly article itself, highlighting the tricks and techniques used to mislead readers as well as some of the basic misconceptions Campbell created through the consistent use of distortions, omissions and false claims.

Since then, Disobedient Media published an article highlighting Forensicator’s response (“The Campbell Conspiracy“), which debunked the fundamental technical inaccuracies at the core of Campbell’s conspiracy theory.

So far, this writer has shown that Computer Weekly published a deception-riddled hit-piece loaded with wild speculation, promoting multiple flawed theories from an author whose entire approach to constructing his story was questionable from the outset.

The following final part of the series discusses Campbell’s efforts to promote his hit-piece on social media, as well as individuals and groups who promoted Campbell’s smear campaign (in some cases adding their own falsehoods, distortions and spin).

Duncan Campbell

It’s no surprise that Campbell’s social media activity mirrors the smears in his article. However, on social media he really makes an example out of himself.

Let’s start with a lie told while promoting another lie:

In the above-cited Tweet, Campbell uses “Trump Troll” in reference to this author, despite my having never supported Trump (mirroring efforts in his article to portray this author as right-wing). Meanwhile, Campbell promotes a lie by Karl Bode, a writer at TechDirt (who alleges, falsely, that I proclaimed myself to be an “intel expert” – something that Bode cannot hope to demonstrate because it’s something he has simply invented).

Campbell’s tweet not only misleads about his target but also retweets Bode telling a lie about the same target – all the while asserting that Bode is “one of the careful journalists.”

Campbell seems to be a proponent of journalists he dislikes being indicted, extradited and/or punished for trying to “interfere” in the US election too. Apparently, expressing solidarity with disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters and being a Sanders supporter in spirit in the past (over six months prior to writing my first article) is clearly a criminal act!:

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