By Comparison, Being Thrown to the Lions Would Be…

By Comparison, Being Thrown to the Lions Would Be… by Rory – The Daily Coin

In part one of this series we pointed out what has happened in hindsight beginning with World War II. We now move forward and look at what is happening over the past few years as a direct result of the 30+ years during and after World War II.

All through the 1970’s and 1980’s everything that had been tried in the 1960’s was now part of the landscape. Drugs, loud everything and people avoiding anything and everything to do with God. God has been systemically removed from state houses, schools and most all public places outside of a church setting. We all know one of the most obvious points of contention that will divide a family or even a community as quick as lightening:  Roe vs Wade.

How much of a role does this Christian uprising, that begin in 1980’s Russia, play in the “Russia did it” narrative that is today spewed by Western corporate media 24/7? I understand that most of you would never see this as being a part of the reasoning for the nonstop hatred of Russia, however, the evil that is attempting to rule the world understands all too well the power of Jesus Christ, the power of a strong Christian faith and unyielding pursuit of beauty, and goodness, that is a massive part of Christianity. If we don’t have an “external” enemy, like Russia, we are more likely to be loving towards one another. With the overhanging veil of hatred that having a national enemy brings to the table it makes it easier to have people hate instead of love.

I us Duck Duck Go for my search engine so I get much different results than using Google. I did a simple search to show how little reporting is done on a very serious topic. The topic “christians slaughtered” is almost completely ignored by all western media outlets, including internet only news outlets. We have only reviewed this topic in passing and published a handful of articles on what is actually happening.

Here are just a few headlines from the past couple of years. If you do a simple search “christians slaughtered” you will see there are pages and pages on this horrific topic. This topic should concern every Christian on the planet.

ISIS Slaughtering Christians “In Their Beds” Muslim Persecution of Christians, October 2015

100,000 Christians Killed Yearly for Their Faith

Genocide in Nigeria: Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians slaughtered, mostly women and children

Report: 90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016

Below are three articles from 2018 to remind everyone this is not something that happened yesterday, but rather, is happening right now, today as you are reading this.


July 2018 – No end in sight to Christians slaughtered by Fulani

Updated August 31, 2018 – List of Islamic Attacks Against Christians

Just this past September 10, 2018 China Burns Bibles, Closes Churches and Forces Christians to Renounce their Faith

Now we see the foundation of a different type of uprising. We see liberal thoughts, actions and lifestyles manifesting in a way that even the most opened minded back in 1960 would have never imagined. When I look around today and see what I am expected to accept as “normal” it is mind blowing to say the least. It breaks my heart to see the depths of brokenness, confusion and desperation that permeates our world. At the depths of my own personal hell I would have never imagined some of what I see with my own two eyes.

This is to say nothing of technology and the impact technology is having on our lives. Technology impacts our lives from the very basic like a remote control to change the channel on you TV to a super-computer making decisions around a battlefield.

Now, there are some that believe artificial intelligence should, literally, be worshiped. That a super-computer robot should be made a “god”. Haven’t there been countless movies, books and the Holy Bible to actually warn us about this type of scenario? But, these “geniuses” push forward.

Right now the situation seems out of control, especially, if you review it from this side of the story. Well, the good news is we’ll demonstrate this is the definitive moment for the Christian world. We are going to prove to you that Christ Jesus is alive and is calling His children home in a flood of loving surrender.

We aren’t going anywhere, except to Heaven, and that’s after we have allowed Christ to work through our lives and bring as much of Heaven to earth as possible. The uprising that began some 30+ years ago is now beginning to take root and His power is beginning to reign down all across the land. The fruit from the Vine is sweet, plentiful and is a gracious treat for anyone that seeks it out.

We stand, smiling, knowing that our Lord and Master protects us from our enemies. This, in turn, tells the enemy he is defeated before he even gets started.

We will release the next leg of this journey on Wednesday Sept 19 – The amazing power of Jesus Christ moving through people all around the world, right next door in your neighborhood and online using the power of the internet to spread the Good News far and wide. It is an amazing time to be alive.

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