Communist / Socialist Taking Over New York

Communist / Socialist Taking Over New York by Rory – The Daily Coin

The “leaders” of the democratic party, as well as garden variety democrats, have stated time and again the socialist / communist are on the fringe and don’t represent the so-called democrat party.

Well, why would Jim Carrey say the democrats need to embrace their socialist / communist ways?

What about fascist?

Where are the centrist? Where are people that believe in the Constitution and real capitalism, not this nightmare of fascism veiled as crony capitalism, but actual capitalism that generated wealth for the many? The problem these young people don’t see is that only the few, the very, very few would have any property rights, any wealth or liberty.

Now, we are learning that it doesn’t matter how well funded a candidate is, it matters if they are socialist / communist – nothing else matters – nothing.

The losses were not only a resounding upset for the members of the Independent Democratic Conference, who outspent their challengers several times over, but also a sign that the progressive fervor sweeping national politics had hobbled New York’s once-mighty Democratic machine, at least on a local level.


“If this doesn’t prove that political currency is people over money, I do not know what does,” Ms. Biaggi, who spent 10 times less than Mr. Klein, said at her victory party. “We have now cut the head of the I.D.C. snake.”


Also defeated were five other former I.D.C. members: Senators Tony Avella and Jose Peralta in Queens; Senator Jesse Hamilton in Brooklyn; Senator Marisol Alcántara in Manhattan; and Senator David Valesky in Syracuse. They fell to John Liu, Jessica Ramos, Zellnor Myrie, Robert Jackson and Rachel May, respectively.


There were a total of six incumbent democrats that all lost to socialist / communist – If you can stand it read all about it here. But the democratic party is not becoming a socialist / communist party.

The 2018 midterm election is approximately 55 days away. This does not bode well for our country. I understand these young socialist / communist are angry, they are not alone. The problem is, they seem to be moving from one bad decision to making a decision that will not be easily overturned.

The backlash, from both so-called “progressives” and “conservatives” can be summed it nicely:

Personally, I believe the Trump success was fueled not so much by resentment as by a pervasive sense of irrelevance. It expresses itself politically, but its root may be with the isolation felt by those who have to deal with monopoly businesses from the cable company to the online retailer. Think the politicians ignore you, try those who have market dominance: banks, health insurers, online vendors and telecoms among others. Source

We all, progressives and conservatives, feel rained upon and it’s not water we’re splashing around in. It’s just a shame the young people only see socialism / communism as a way of defeating this monster. The Constitution, which they know nothing about, would do a marvelous job of rooting out this evil, if it were brought back to the fore.

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