Earlier Today, I Thought I Had Bought Silver at the Low, However…

Earlier Today, I Thought I Had Bought Silver at the Low, However… by Rory – The Daily Coin

Earlier today I ordered the latest America the Beautiful coin, not the greatest design, but I am gathering in as much of the series as possible. When I made the purchase silver had just hit $14.08 and my purchase cleared at $14.10. I was quiet proud that I was able to pull it off at such a dramatic low. Maybe time to go back and pick up the 2019 Kook or Lunar Pig!!

How wrong can a person be? WOW! Silver just bottomed at approximately $13.93 (KitCo). While we are only talking about another 0.10$ it is the principal of it. I really wanted to be at the latest bottom, but it was not meant to be. Oh well, hopefully, there won’t be a next time, but I get the feeling the criminal banksters are quiet done yet. Are we going to see $13.50+/- in coming days/weeks? It sure feels like something nasty is happening and the demons from hell are about to be unleashed. A few have already made it to the surface and are attempting to surround Trump, but those are just the sacrifices. The real demons are still preparing. Pray up, Armor up and get ready!

Below is a static image of the silver chart

Below is a live image of the silver chart

Below is a static image of the gold chart

Below is a live image of the gold chart

Currently it appear that both gold and silver have boarded a rocket ship and are now racing back towards something in the positive range. We will see how the cartel responds to this. The banksters didn’t allow the earlier rally to get much steam before the beat both metals into submission. Will this rocket-ship rally hold? We will know in just a matter of hours.

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