197 Americans Will Needlessly Die Today – How to Fight Back

197 Americans Will Needlessly Die Today – How to Fight Back by Rory – The Daily Coin

72,000 people overdosed and died in 2017 in the U.S. alone, we aren’t sure how many more around the world died from the world being flooded with opioids, but our guess is it was a substantial number. Yes, big pharma has their role, but it is the war in Afghanistan where most of the poppy’s are grown that produce the opium. While it is grown in Mexico, it is not the largest growing fields as is spewed by corporate media. It may be refined in Mexico and then brought into the U.S. but Afghanistan is the major producer of opium.

72,000 / 365 = 197.26 people A DAY  or 8.22 people PER Hour or one person about every 7 and half minutes of every day.

Calling EveryTown, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Maxine Waters and Diane Feinstein and all the rest of you hypocrites. If you want to “make a stand” and save your fellow Americans then stand up for what is actually killing them – big pharma and the “war on drugs”. No. You’d rather get paid by Soros to try and take our guns. You all are very misguided and are playing into the hands of the enemy.

If you want to save the lives of those that are currently battling addiction, currently under the influence of the enemy then introduce them to Jesus Christ. You may need to meet our Lord first, and that’s okay, just make the necessary moves, now. Bring them home to the only One that can fill the hole within them. Their soul is aching and they know not how to stop the pain and the easy way out is to use pain killers.

That “dead” look in their eyes can be turned into a beacon of hope, if you, their friends, family and neighbors, introduce them to the Light of the World, Christ Jesus. If you don’t, go ahead and make arrangements now, because the 7.5 minutes is moving quickly. After that…

I know because I buried my brother for the simple fact that we didn’t attempt to bring him home to Jesus Christ and we lost him to this scourge that plagues our world. I, too, was lost to the enemy for more than 25 years until Christ Jesus pulled me from the fire and stood me on solid ground. The solid ground I stand on today has transformed from sand to limestone and, now, granite.

We are now doing battle, once again, as the enemy has his clutches in my niece. We are delivering her tomorrow morning to the Savior. We can only plant seeds at this point as she is currently imprisoned for her crimes to support her drug abuse. The good news is she ask to meet our Father.

Total U.S. Drug Deaths

Total U.S. Drug Deaths* – More than 72,000 Americans died
from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and
prescription opioids—a 2-fold increase in a decade.
chart courtesy DrugAbuse.gov

Do it now, do it today so that you don’t have to live without your brother, sister, niece, nephew, son or daughter. If they matter, then help them – If it truly “takes a village”, be the village. If you don’t know how to approach them, then reach out to the local Narcotics Anonymous, they are in a great many cities across the land, reach out the Christian church that is closest to you or Alcoholics Anonymous should be able to help if your city does not have a Narcotics Anonymous. These resources will help you make the needed decisions to save your loved one(s). That is what they do, that is all they do and they want to help – they want to help you.

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